How Tall Is a 20 Gallon Trash Can?

How Tall Is a 20 Gallon Trash Can

Getting the right sized trash can is crucial for practicality and aesthetics in any room. A trash can that is too large can take up unnecessary space and look out of proportion, while a trash can that is too small can necessitate frequent emptying and create a cluttered mess. So while you are considering a 20 gallon trash can for your indoor needs, you want to make sure that it is easy accessible.

How Tall Is a 20 Gallon Trash Can?

In terms of capacity, trash cans have a wide range, from small 1-3 gallon cans designed for bathrooms or office desks to large 30-50 gallon cans designated for outdoor use or kitchen collection. A commonly chosen size is the 20 gallon trash can.

A standard 20 gallon (about 75.7 liters) trash can typically stands at around 23-25 inches high but dimensions can vary slightly depending on the model and manufacturer.

Such a trash can is quite large and is suitable for areas where a large amount of waste is regularly produced, such as in offices, large families, or during big events.

Typically, a 20-gallon trash can is approximately 19-23 inches in width and depth.

How Does the Height of a Trash Can Relate to the Gallon Measurement

The height of the trash can is not directly derived from the can’s gallon measurement. Instead, it is the overall volume or capacity of the trash bin that is expressed in gallons.

A 20-gallon trash can could be tall and slim, or it could be short and broad, depending on the specific design.

However, more often than not, a 20-gallon trash can is designed to be tall in order to have a small footprint and save on floor space.

Typically, a 20-gallon trash can stands somewhere in between 23-25 inches tall. But remember, because the exact design can vary from one manufacturer to another, it’s crucial to check specific product dimensions before purchasing.

Variations in Shape and Design

While the volume (20 gallons) stays the same, the shape and design of the trash can may differ significantly. These trash cans can come in a round, half-round, or slim rectangular design, with variations in lid design too — swinging, flip-tops, or standard removable lids.

Some Examples of 20 Gallon Trash Cans

Rubbermaid BRUTE 20-Gallon Trash Can

The Rubbermaid BRUTE 20-Gallon Trash Can is a durable and high-quality product that is resistant to rust, chipping, peeling, and denting.

The trash can has increased strength and durability thanks to its reinforced rims.

Moreover, it has integrated handles that make it easy to lift without slipping, and it also has features to prevent it from getting stuck when nested. Additionally, it comes with a strong lid that can be easily snapped on to ensure stability and secure stacking. This product is versatile, durable, and comes in various colors.

20 Gallon Galvanized Steel Trash Can

On the other hand, we have the 20 Gallon Galvanized Steel Trash Can made from high-quality galvanized steel, making it strong and long-lasting.

This trash can features an offset bottom that raises the can off the ground, sturdy wire handles for smooth portability, and a tight-fitted lid.

The trash can is ideal for outdoors, storing yard waste, and can even comfortably fit larger pet food or livestock feed storage. The steel trash can is rodent-proof, recyclable, weather-resistant, and is suitable for dry storage only.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two 20-gallon trash cans:

Trash CanMaterialFeaturesUseHandle
Rubbermaid BRUTE 20-Gallon Trash CanPlasticProfessional-grade construction, Reinforced rims, Snap-on lidsIndoor/OutdoorBuilt-in handles
20 Gallon Galvanized Steel Trash CanGalvanized SteelStick-resistant, Durable wire handles, Tight-fitted lidsOutdoorDurable wire handles

Considering Factors (Other than Height) When Choosing a Trash Can

While the size of the trash can is one crucial factor, others can impact your decision as well.

The Room: The trash can’s size and design should fit the room where you plan to keep it. For example, a kitchen might require a larger trash can than a bathroom, especially if you frequently entertain or cook.

Space: Consider the space where it will be located. Is there enough room for the width and depth of the trash can?

Number of People: The more people using the trash can, the larger it will need to be to avoid constant emptying. For instance, a 20-gallon trash can might be appropriate for a small office or a family of four.

Trash Bag Size: The size of the trash can you choose should correspond to the size of trash bags readily available in your local supermarket for convenience.

Shape and design: These are primarily personal preferences but can be dictated by space constraints too.

Here’s a quick comparison between popular trash can sizes:

Trash Can Size (Gallons)Ideal forTypical Height (Inches)
7-10Small households or rooms like bathrooms or home offices15-20
20Medium households or small offices20-25
30-50Larger households or larger office spaces30-38

In conclusion, deciding on the perfect trash can for your needs is a balance between capacity, physical size, and the room’s requirements where it will be placed.


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