Do Hotels Have Trash Cans? (Explained)

Do Hotels Have Trash Cans

You just checked into your dream hotel after a long day of traveling. The decor is stunning, the bed is inviting, and the room service menu is tantalizing. But wait – where’s the trash can? Did they forget to provide one? This might seem like a silly question, but in the world of hospitality, where attention to detail is a must, it can be both surprising and frustrating to find out that your snazzy hotel room doesn’t come with that simple necessity.

Usually Hotels rooms have small bins to throw regular waste. However, people are seeing less and less trash cans in rooms nowadays.

Trash cans (A Less Common Sight in Hotel Rooms)

It seems that trash cans are gradually disappearing from some hotel rooms, leaving guests puzzled. There are accounts from many travelers, who noticed the absence of trash bins in various rooms, with only one present in the bathroom.

While there are no national standards regarding hotel trash cans, the American Hotel & Lodging Association encourages members to reduce waste.

Hotels may be removing garbage receptacles to cut down waste, become more sustainable and save money on escalating labor costs, while still maintaining profitability. [1]

Reasons Why Trash Cans are Less Common in Hotels These Days

#1- Lack of national standards for hotel trash cans

One reason why trash cans are becoming scarce in hotel rooms, leaving guests with limited options to dispose of their waste, might be the lack of national standards for hotel waste receptacles, which leaves decisions about trash can provisions up to individual hotel chains. [2]

#2- Hotel industry efforts to reduce waste

In recent years, the hotel industry has been focusing on waste reduction as part of their environmental initiatives.

This has led to a decrease in visible trash cans within hotel rooms, as hotels aim to encourage guests to generate less waste.

However, this trend has sparked a debate about whether hotels are leaving their guests without proper waste disposal options.

Sustainability experts argue that one trash can per room can help reduce consumption and waste.

Additionally, hotels can save time and money by minimizing the number of trash cans that housekeeping needs to service.

As the industry continues to evolve, it remains essential for hotels to balance waste reduction efforts with guest satisfaction and convenience. [3]

The American Hotel & Lodging Association notes that a 300-room hotel can generate up to three tons of waste per day, with 60% of it being recyclable.

As a result, hotels may be opting to provide fewer trash cans in rooms as part of their waste reduction and sustainability initiatives.

#3- Profitability

It seems that profitability might be playing a role in the disappearing trash cans in hotels. Removing trash cans can make a hotel more profitable.

The logic behind this idea is simple – it might take a housekeeper only a minute to empty a second trash bin, but if you multiply that time savings over 300 rooms, it can save both time and money.

Hotels are always looking for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom line, and this seemingly small change could lead to significant savings on escalating labor costs.

Impact of recycling initiatives on hotel trash cans

The adoption of recycling initiatives at hotels has made a significant impact on waste management and the use of trash cans.

As hotels implement comprehensive recycling programs with dedicated bins for separate types of waste, guests are becoming more conscious of their trash disposal habits.

This not only reduces the total amount of waste generated but also results in a cleaner and more organized waste disposal process.

In addition, the focus on recycling and waste reduction encourages hotels to explore creative ways to repurpose items, such as turning used alcohol bottles into trendy decorations.

Overall, such initiatives promote a sustainable and eco-friendly image for hotels while efficiently managing their trash cans. [4]

Zero Waste certification

The Zero Waste certification is gaining popularity among hotel chains, as they strive to divert all end-use materials from landfills, incinerators, and the environment.

Achieving a minimum of 90 percent diversion, the certification helps hotels become more sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly.

With the growing focus on green initiatives, properties that adopt Zero Waste practices can benefit from improved efficiency, reduced greenhouse emissions, and cost savings.

The certification, administered by the Green Business Certification, encourages hotels to prioritize sustainability, environmental performance, and human health benefits while remaining competitive in the industry.

Problems Guests are Facing

The reduction in waste receptacles has led to some travelers finding themselves without a proper place to dispose of their garbage.

While having fewer trash receptacles might encourage guests to minimize waste production, it can also lead to inconvenience.

Guests, especially those sharing rooms, are often in need of at least two trash cans – one for the bathroom and another for the main living space.

Providing ample waste disposal options can enhance the overall guest experience, while ensuring that hotel rooms remain clean and clutter-free.

Another solution could be that travelers consider bringing their own trash bags or asking the front desk for additional bins if needed.

After all, a hotel experience should be stress-free for everyone involved.

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