Can You Use Fabuloso on the Car’s Exterior?

Can you use Fabuloso on car exterior

While Fabuloso is popular for use in the house (due to its awesome fragrance) in areas such as the floor, bathroom, kitchen, and other hard surface areas, can it be used for washing your car? Will it damage the windows? Will it strip the car paint? Read on to find out more.

Can You Use Fabuloso on the Car’s Exterior?

The instructions on Fabuloso’s label clearly state that it is meant to be used on hard, non-porous surfaces found within the house. It does not state anywhere that Fabuloso can be used to clean the exterior of a car.

However, if you run out of car cleaner and your car is quite dirty, it’s best to use it just once if you’re in a pinch. The pH of Fabuloso is neutral which makes it safer than other all-purpose cleaners. It is neither high in acid nor alkali. Acidic cleaners will slowly dissolve the paint and are not good for washing the car.

Fabuloso can be used to clean some of the interior components of the car as well.

How Do Fabuloso Ingredients React with Car Paint and Glass?

Before cleaning your car’s exterior, it is good to know if the product’s ingredients will create any adverse effects on the paint and car windows.

Ingredients of regular Fabuloso:

o Sodium Dodecylbenzene SulfonateA grease and dirt-removing surfactant (A foaming agent)
o FragranceProvides a pleasant scent
o C9-11 Pareth-8A grease and dirt-removing surfactant.
o Sodium C12-15 Pareth SulfateA grease and dirt-removing surfactant.
o Sodium Laureth SulfateA grease and dirt-removing surfactant.
o Sodium ChlorideA viscosity modifier (A kind of thickening agent that keeps a check on the thickness of the solution)
o GlutaralA preservative
o Citric AcidRegulates the pH level of the product
o ColorantsAdd color to the product

Surfactants work by dissolving the interface between water, dirt, and grease. They trap these oils and debris, enabling their removal with ease, instead of needing to scrub so hard. Surfactants are found in dish soap, car wash, car shampoos, and laundry detergent. (Source)

Sodium chloride is salt, which is corrosive to paint and can damage the external metal parts of the car. However, it is in minimal quantities in Fabuloso. Such cleaners should not be left too long on the exterior of the car.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is also found in car wash products. (Source) So this is safe.

Citric acid is acidic but it will not damage the paint and is known to remove rust.

Colorants found in certain products can ruin the paint if it is left on for too long.

It is NOT a good idea to use the Fabuloso disinfecting wipes to clean the car exterior. Some of the ammonium-based ingredients are likely to damage the car’s exterior. Ammonia will also damage the seals around the windows of the car as well as the tint of the glass

Fabuloso all-purpose cleaners do not contain strong chemicals that would ruin the car’s windows or exterior paint in a single application. Avoid using Fabuloso Complete as the ingredients are more active than regular Fabuloso products.

How To Clean a Car Exterior Using Fabuloso?

Word of Caution: Avoid washing the car in direct sunlight. The soapy water can dry, leaving soapy water stains.

Follow the steps below to clean the car’s exterior:

STEP 1- Gather the required materials, such as a hose, 2 buckets of water, a spray bottle, Fabuloso, gloves, a soft sponge (or a car wash mitt), and microfiber cloths.

STEP 2- Pour about ¼ a cup into one of the buckets and fill it with a gallon of water.

STEP 3- Hose the car down to remove loose dirt and debris.

STEP 4- Dip the sponge in the bucket containing Fabuloso and start cleaning the car from the top and work your way down.

If you start from the middle or bottom, the dirty water from the top will drip down (when you start cleaning it), making the middle and bottom dirty again.

Keep rinsing off the sponge in the bucket containing clean water.

STEP 5- Once you finish sponging and cleaning the entire car, hose it down and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots.

STEP 6- Be sure to clean the wipers. Spray glass cleaner and wipe the windows with a microfiber cloth. Wipe them again with a fresh cloth. Also, clean the side mirrors.

STEP 7- You can apply car wax once the car is dry. it is not necessary to apply wax every time the car is washed.

Here’s how to clean the tires:

STEP 1- To clean the tires, pour some Fabuloso into a spray bottle and dilute it with water.
STEP 2- Spray this solution on the tires.
STEP 3- Scrub the tire with a sponge to remove the grime.
STEP 4- Repeat for each tire.
STEP 5- Wipe the rims dry.

Do not substitute a car cleaner with Fabuloso on a long-term basis.

Other Substances That Can Ruin the Car’s Paint

1- Beverages: Coffee is acidic and will slowly ruin the paint. Wipe any spills immediately. (Source)
2- Bird Poo: This is highly acidic (uric acid), and if allowed to dry, it will stick to the paint and harden. Rinse it off quickly and do not rub as any hard particles within will cause scratches.
3- Fuel: Any fuel that overflows will leave stains and damage the coat. Do not overfill the tank and wipe off any spills.
4- Tar: During extremely hot weather, tar can melt. If you drive on such roads, bits of tar will stick onto the exterior which will be difficult to get off. Besides, it will also leave scratches and discoloration.
5- Silly string: Avoid these during celebrations as the string will leave a stain and will discolor the car if allowed to dry.


Though Fabuloso is a pH-neutral cleaner, it should not be used regularly to wash the car. Car cleaners and shampoos are specially formulated to handle the different layers of paint on the car. A glass cleaner specific for car windows should also be used.
Using the wrong cleaner can strip the paint or make it dull. The wrong cleaners can also ruin the window seals.

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