Can You Clean Shoes With Fabuloso? (Rubber, Leather)

Can You Clean Shoes With Fabuloso

Your shoes are dirty and you not only want to remove the dirt and the stains from them but also want to make them smell good. So you turn to Fabuloso (as it is a multi-purpose cleaner), but won’t it damage the shoe material?

Can You Clean Shoes With Fabuloso?

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose formula typically made with chemicals meant for cleaning hard surfaces like wood, floors, toilet walls, etc., and Shoes are usually made with soft and porous materials (such as leather or canvas) meaning that Fabuloso could penetrate and damage them

However, some shoes are made with rubber, plastics, and other nonporous petrochemical materials. Although Fabuloso may not be completely safe for them, you may consider using it to clean them for the following reasons:

1- It is pH neutral, so it will likely be gentle on your shoe.
2- Fabuloso gives your shoe a pleasant smell.

Cleaning your shoe with Fabuloso will not damage it if you apply the necessary caution and don’t use it often.

Let’s see how Fabuloso treats the following:

Leather Shoes

Sodium Chloride (salt) can dry out the leather as it removes moisture from it. (Source) Citric acid is found in Regular Fabuloso, which can also have a drying effect on leather and this can cause cracks in time on the shoe material.

These chemicals may not spoil your shoe if you use Fabuloso once in a while. However, if you consistently use it on your leather shoes, they will get damaged.

Rubber Shoes

Unlike leather, the rubber material is non-porous. Harsh chemicals in Fabuloso cannot penetrate rubber shoes, but if the cleaner is used consistently, you may find that the rubber begins to soften or change in appearance.

To achieve the best cleaning result, use Fabuloso with standard rubber cleaners like baking soda or laundry detergent and scrub gently with a soft bristle brush.

However, it is best to use Fabuloso only when the rubber shoe is overly stained. When dirt is minor, use water and detergent to clean the stain.

Before washing, you can use a plastic scrapper to remove visible dirt then use laundry detergent or baking soda to wash the shoe gently in a basin with a brush.

Chemical compounds like sodium hydroxide in Fabuloso can damage rubber and plastic shoes when used repeatedly. Therefore, you should use the cleaner only when necessary.

How to Use Fabuloso to Clean Shoes

You need to be extra careful when cleaning shoes no matter the material they are made of. To be sure it will turn out well, you can first clean a hidden area of the shoe with the cleaner and observe the effect.

Steps to Clean Leather Shoes Using Fabuloso


Microfiber cloth or paper towel
Dry soft cloth


STEP 1- Pour a small amount of the cleaner on a clean microfiber cloth or paper towel.

STEP 2- Then rub the Fabuloso solution against the dirty area, and continue rubbing until the stain disappears.

STEP 3- After removing the stain, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface if there is still an excess solution on the leather.

Remember, you must not leave the liquid for long so it will not penetrate the leather.

STEP 4- Add about 1/8 cup of the solution to a spray bottle. Then add a reasonable amount of water to neutralize the solution.

STEP 5- Spray on the stained part of the leather shoe and wipe clean the sprayed surface with a wet microfiber cloth.

STEP 6- Finally, dry the cleaned surface with a soft cloth.

Steps to Clean Rubber Shoes Using Fabuloso


Microfiber cloth or paper towel
Baking soda


STEP 1- Use a scraper to remove dirt from the bottom and side of your shoe.

STEP 2- Soak the rubber shoes in a water-filled basin (water mixed with detergent), but do not use Fabuloso right now.

STEP 3- Add a little Fabuloso solution to baking soda. and apply this to a microfiber cloth or a paper towel. Using this cloth or towel, scrub the stained area of the shoes or gently clean the shoes for the smell.

STEP 4- After the shoe is cleaned to your satisfaction, air dry it. Do not put it under the sun for drying as it will cause excessive wear. (Source)

What Alternative Way Can You Clean Your Shoes?

Cleaning with Fabuloso may give great results but there is always a potential for damage. You can clean without using Fabuloso and still achieve perfect cleaning.

There are many ways to clean shoes. However, the following steps are a general way to clean your shoe.

1- Remove dirt from the bottom of the shoe as much as possible. Use a scraper to remove the dirt. You can gently hit the shoe against a hard object if the scraper would not remove dirt completely.

2- Remove the lace and insole.

3- If it is a rubber or plastic shoe, pour a teaspoon of your preferred detergent into warm water and soak for a few minutes. If it is a leather shoe, do not soak it. Instead, use a soft brush to thoroughly clean the inner and outer parts of the shoe.

4- Dip the brush inside a prepared baking soda or shoe cleaner solution of your choice.

5- Thoroughly wash the lace and liner with detergent if your shoe has one.

6- For a dirty shoe’s sole, clean it with a magic eraser or use acetone.

7- After cleaning, air dry for a few minutes. You can apply polish to make it appealing if it is a leather shoe.

Take Away!

Though Fabuloso is not meant for cleaning shoes, it can work well on shoes if applied the right way and only occasionally.

It cleans leather shoes with minor stains but should not be used for deep cleaning a very dirty leather shoe. You have to add fabuloso to the custom cleaner for rubber shoes. If your shoe is made from neither material, your best bet would be to avoid Fabuloso.

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