Can Trash Cans Block Parking Spots?

Can trash cans block parking spots

Regardless of rules guiding the use of trash cans, most people still have a few out to reserve a public parking spot, but is this legal?

If you’re wondering whether that neighbor is operating within their rights by blocking parking spots with trash cans, then this article is for you.

Can Trash Cans Block Parking Spots?

According to the laws in most states, a trash can should be out around or before midnight the day before collection day, and back in around evening the next day.

Sadly, a lot of people violate these laws, leaving their trash cans out in public spaces to reserve parking slots for themselves.

Some claim to have worked on clearing that spot for themselves, and are against anyone who tries to make use of it. Note that these claims are selfish.

Parking spots are made for all and sundry, and it’s usually on a first-come first-serve basis, so no one has the rights to covet public property for their own use.

Neighbor Blocking Public Parking with Trash Cans (What to Do about It?)

Everyone knows the feeling of wanting somewhere to park your car, but then every efforts are futile.

In such situations, how can you best deal with a neighbor blocking public parking with trash cans?

1- Confront them About It

Nothing wins better than a good conversation between neighbors that comes from a place of understanding.

Let them know you understand they kept that space for themselves, but it would be great if they can make that spot available for everyone because it’s a public space.

Remember, be polite about whatever you say. Don’t get aggressive, neither should you raise your voice at them, and if they are reasonable, then that solves the issue.

However, if they aren’t, then there’s more on the list.

2- Do the Moving Yourself

If you’ve spoken to said neighbors and they aren’t listening, then it’s time to take laws into your hands.

It’s simple: you want to park your car, and their trash cans are in your way, so move it out, and do what you have to do.

3- Organize Homeless People to Move Them in Exchange of Money

All you have to do is find reasonable homeless people, and just provide a job for them which is to remove these trash cans.

A Reddit user

They remove the barriers, and you pay them for the job.

4- Call the Waste Management or Parking Enforcement

Reporting them to the Waste Management could get them fined because their trash cans are out on days that aren’t waste collection days, and this could get them to stop.

Another one is to inform them that there are just too many waste cans lying around, and you want them removed.

The parking enforcement could also do a thing about the issue because those barriers can cause an accident.

5- Use a Dashcam (In Case of Difficult People)

There are cases of people who have had trash strewn over their cars, to an extent, there’s been vandalism; tyres being slashed, and the cars being keyed.

This means people get mean and aggresive over spaces that isn’t made for their private use, so all you need is a camera for proof against their barbaric behavior.

6- Sue Them for Public Nuisance

Trash cans aren’t made to adorn the street. Not only is this an eye-sore, it’s also against the law.

If you have enough proof against them, you can take it up with them in court for polluting the environment with waste, and that could finally get them to stop.

Other options includes: throwing it in the dumpster, or moving the barriers up-front with your car.

What if Someone Moves Trash Cans to Park?

Trash cans should be in the garage until the next waste disposal day, not on curbs.

Anyone who has theirs in front of their house to reserve a parking spot isn’t operating within their rights.

For one: the street is a public space that everyone pays taxes for, and unless that space has been restricted by your jurisdiction, then no one has the right to take what’s meant for the public for their own personal use.

Hence, for something you maintain with your taxes, it isn’t illegal; move their trash cans, and park your car.

How Long Can You Leave Trash Cans on the Parking Spots?

Trash cans shouldn’t be out for more than the specific time given by the local waste management company after the trash pickup.

To back the above statement, some rules state that a trash can shouldn’t be seen from the street. Why? Because it’s terrible, and inconvenient for people to deal with a dirty garbage can, overflowing with waste.

So unless it’s on a waste collection day, these cans can’t stay for too long on the curb, and anyone thinking trash cans can stay out is going against the law.

What Happens When a Car Touches a Trash Can?

If your car hits a trash can, don’t try to run off from the scene. You can get charged with a hit and run, so just be a decent human, and notify the owner, or the waste company that your car accidentally came in contact with their trash bin.

Be respectful about it, and don’t appoint blames to anyone. Just tell them it was a mistake, and they could be reasonable about it.

Now this is where people get confused: if it makes a dent to your car, the trash owner doesn’t have to pay for it. You’re responsible for that since you hit a stationary object.

So if this happens, be ready to sort it out your own way. Think car insurance, and being respectful about the damages you caused.

Lastly, note that if there are severe damages to the garbage can, then you also have to pay for that too.

Final Thoughts!

Under no circumstances should parking spots be reserved with trash cans for private use.

Note that this stops others from using a public property they pay taxes for.

Talk to your neighbor about the issue because no one has the rights to save a parking spot for themselves unless they’re paying a fee for it.

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