Can Simplehuman Trash Cans Use Regular Bags?

Can Simplehuman Trash Cans Use Regular Bags

When it comes to household cleanliness, the Simplehuman trash cans have established their worth in the market due to their sleek design, durability, and user-friendly features. However, an ongoing debate among users catches interest: Can you use regular trash bags with Simplehuman trash cans, or are the Simplehuman bags more special?

Why Simplehuman Trash Cans are Popular

Trash cans have a pretty straightforward purpose, but Simplehuman has taken it to the next level with its innovative features.

The main characteristic that sets Simplehuman trash cans apart is their streamlined design that’s simple yet functional. The design allows for easy cleaning and effective space utilization.

But beyond design and durability, Simplehuman’s trash cans are also known for their attention to detail, such as the convenient pedal design for hands-free operation, the silent closure of the lid, and the internal hinge design for placing against the wall.

Using regular bags vs. Simplehuman bags

The regular bags are easy to find and tend to be more affordable, which makes them an attractive option for many. On the contrary, Simplehuman bags are specifically designed to fit their trash cans perfectly. However, they come with a higher price tag.

The following testimonials pulled from customer feedback shed some light on this debate.

One user said that they had utilized regular bags before, but eventually reverted back to using Simplehuman bags due to their superior durability and perfect fit.

Meanwhile, another stated that regular rubbish bags can certainly be utilized. But they noted that the tall kitchen garbage bags may be a tad undersized; nonetheless, they were able to fit.

A notable mention on Wirecutter stated that despite Simplehuman selling custom-fit bags for its trash cans, generic garbage bags fit perfectly well too.

This topic sparks a variety of opinions and solutions from users, stick around as we delve deeper in the coming sections.

Why Using Simplehuman Trash Can Liners Can be Wiser

While you can use regular trash bags with Simplehuman trash cans, it’s highly recommended to use the brand’s liners.

The Simplehuman bags are typically stronger, tear-resistant, and less prone to leakage.

These Simplehuman liners are coded with letters to correlate with different can styles and sizes. These liners are designed to fit perfectly, eliminating wrinkles or overhang.

Additionally, Simplehuman trash cans offer an ingenious liner pocket feature. This allows for easy access and one-by-one removal of liners from inside the can, offering an efficient trash bag replacement method.

Moreover, with fewer folds and nooks, the liners significantly reduce odor accumulation and make cleaning tasks even more effortless.

While some users stand by the quality and perfect fit of Simplehuman bags, others have successfully used regular bags, or brands such as Plasticplace.

Using Regular Trash Bags with Simplehuman Trash Cans

You certainly can use regular bags with Simplehuman trash cans! Having the flexibility to choose a cheaper bag option versus the pricier Simplehuman specific bags offers significant savings.

Most Simplehuman trash cans are designed to fit either their custom-fit liners or standard 13-gallon kitchen trash bags.

However, users have found that you might need to stretch the bag a bit to make sure that the top fits snugly around the rim of the trash can.

Though the bag might seem tight and fill up before the can does, rest assured that the bag won’t rip due to the exceptional strength of most kitchen bags.

Tips and techniques for using regular bags with Simplehuman cans

Here are a few tips to secure your regular trash bag in a Simplehuman can:

First, you might consider tying a knot at one end and pulling it through the positioning hole of the trash can. This would help secure the bag and prevent it from sliding down.

A second option is to stretch the bag’s top around the can’s rim and tuck in any excess at the back, effectively hiding the bag from view.

Some peopple have also found success using scented bags for an extra freshness boost.

Advantages of using regular bags in Simplehuman cans

Firstly, the most significant advantage is the cost. Most regular trash bags are much cheaper than the custom bags designed by Simplehuman.

Plus, they are readily available in numerous local and online stores, minimizing the hassle for any unplanned purchases.

Furthermore, users have reported successful use of regular trash bags with little compromise to functionality.

Some find the tighter fit of the regular bags as an added advantage, minimizing the bag slippage and creating a snugly-fitted trash lining.

Final Thoughts!

While Simplehuman bags may be more expensive, they are designed to fit Simplehuman cans perfectly and promise to be strong and durable. However, if value for money is a priority, then regular bags from alternative brands that match the size requirements of your Simplehuman trash can should work just as well.

Choosing between Simplehuman bags and regular bags boils down to personal preference, budget, and specific needs. Experts recommend exploring both options to find out which best suits your household requirements.


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