Are Simplehuman Trash Cans Worth It? (In 2023)

Are Simplehuman Trash Cans Worth It

The price tag attached to Simplehuman trash cans often leads to eyebrows raised – and valid questions about their worth. With the cost of their popular 46-liter dual-compartment trash can at a whopping $250, it’s more than justifiable to ask, “Is it really worth it?” Today, we’ll see if these garbage cans are worth it!

Are Simplehuman Trash Cans Worth the Price?

With the steep price, it’s important to consider what you’re actually getting.

One of the core aspects you’re paying for with a Simplehuman trash can is the impeccable design and quality.

Aimed at offering convenience, organization, and a touch of style, Simplehuman trash cans are far from ordinary. They are made with high-quality materials to withstand long-term use, often with helpful features such as a built-in bag dispenser.

The $250 models don’t just manage waste, they integrate seamlessly into your home’s interior, doubling as a significant piece of furniture.

This high price, as seen with the rose-gold model, might thereby translate into an investment in style and convenience.

The long-term benefits must also be taken into account, which include durability. convenience and aesthetic appeal.

Why Simplehuman Trash Cans Are Popular

Simplehuman trash cans have carved a niche for themselves in the market for several reasons.

They boast a sleek aesthetic, blending in effortlessly with different kitchen decors. Their designs ensure the garbage bag is tucked away neatly, keeping unsightly edges out of view.

Moreover, they come with a practical full-width foot pedal for easy operation.

Highly interesting is the liner pocket feature, designed to store 20 liners at a time and allowing easy retrieval straight from the trash can, a feature that has won over many users.

Choosing a good trash can is more crucial than one might imagine. A well-made trash can should keep odors in, be easy to clean, and should blend well with your kitchen aesthetics.

Simplehuman ticks off these boxes with its efficient design, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior, and an easy-to-clean interior requiring minimum effort.

Features of Simplehuman Trash Cans

Despite their seemingly steep price point, the innate features of these Trash cans make them worth every penny.

#1- Stylish Design & Aesthetics

At the heart of every Simplehuman trash can is a commitment to sleek and appealing design elements. Their cans feature various finishes, from brushed stainless finish to others, matching the décor in any household.

The absence of a regular plastic trash bag visible under the lid and their ability to fit in large and small spaces only adds to their alluring aesthetics.

#2- Innovative Features for Convenience

Simplehuman trash cans come with several innovative features that contribute to their cost-effectiveness. Some models have a dual-bin structure, with separate sections for trash and recyclables, making them one of the most efficient tools for waste management in your home.

#3- Efficient Space Management

These trash cans come in different shapes like round, semi-round, and rectangular, allowing them to seamlessly fit into all types of spaces without occupying a large area. Their slim, flat profile lets them hug the wall, freeing up more floor space.

#4- Durable Construction & Quality Materials

These trash cans are designed to withstand regular use over the years. Constructed with high-quality materials, these cans offer sturdy, durable, and dependable service.

The stainless either brushed or otherwise doesn’t mar over time ensuring that the can keeps looking brand new.

Comparison with Other Trash Can Brands

When it comes to picking your perfect trash can, the competition can be stiff with brands like Simplehuman, Rubbermaid, Brabantia, and iTouchless leading the pack. So, how does Simplehuman stack up against these worthy competitors?

Simplehuman vs. Rubbermaid

The main distinction between Simplehuman and Rubbermaid is the design.

Simplehuman’s models are sleek, modern, and often feature stainless steel, a contrast to Rubbermaid’s plastic, utilitarian designs.

While Simplehuman often comes with a higher price point, features like foot pedals and ‘silent close’ lids offer more convenience than most generic Rubbermaid models.

Simplehuman vs. Brabantia

Here, the competition gets a bit tighter.

Brabantia offers similar features to Simplehuman—stainless steel designs, foot pedals, and even odor filters.

However, one key takeaway is the warranty—Simplehuman offers a whopping 10-year warranty compared to Brabantia’s 5 years. This increased assurance could certainly make Simplehuman worth the cost for some.

Simplehuman vs. iTouchless

iTouchless is famed for its touchless, motion-sensor activated trash cans. While Simplehuman also offers touchless trash cans, iTouchless tends to be more affordable.

However, iTouchless models sometimes struggle with responsiveness of motion sensors, a problem rarely experienced with Simplehuman.

In conclusion, Simplehuman seems to hold its own, and for good reason. Despite the higher price point, it’s clear that Simplehuman’s focus on customer needs and satisfaction, as well as their confidence reflected in a generous warranty, could make their trash cans a worthy investment for your home.

Why We Would Prefer Using Simplehuman Trash Cans

Simplehuman Trash Cans aren’t just household essentials; they’ve been designed to make home life more streamlined and elegant. Here are some benefits of these innovative receptacle solutions:

# Hygiene and Odor Control is Improved

Simplehuman Trash Cans are designed with a focus on hygiene and odor control. With their patented lid shox technology and sturdy steel pedal, the lids close smoothly and quietly, helping to contain any smells within the can and maintain a fresh-scented home environment.

# Waste Disposal is Almost Effortless

Dual bins aren’t just about recycling and waste segregation. These compartments make waste disposal effortless.

Its user-friendly design means that whether you’re discarding trash or recyclables, you’re always just a footstep away from a cleaner home.

# The Trash Can is Easy to Clean and Maintain

Made of brushed stainless steel, Simplehuman Trash Cans are resistant to fingerprint smudges and easy to clean. The quality materials and thoughtful design mean it stays looking new for longer, fitting elegantly into any kitchen design.

# Can Have a Long-lasting Performance & Durability

While some may cringe at the initial price, the durability and long-lasting performance of these trash cans make them a worthwhile investment. They are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional household items that will serve you for years.

So, are Simplehuman Trash Cans worth it? Given their enhanced functionality, seamless design, and attention to hygiene, they certainly make a compelling case.

The Downsides of Simplehuman Trash Cans

# Pricing & Affordabiity

All in all, there’s just one downside that seems apparent, and that’s the high price of these trash cans. An average home whole wants to live on a budget might want to think twice before buying a Simplehumna trash can.

Consumer Reviews and Satisfaction

Let’s take into account the verdict from real-world users.

Positive Feedback from Customers

Simplehuman trash cans undeniably become top-rated for being the top choice in homes where managing mess is a priority. These are the reasons why:

  • Streamlined Design: Users loved the streamlined design of the cans that give it a sleek aesthetic.
  • Easy To Clean: As per customers, Simplehuman trash cans are easy to clean, keeping their surrounding area always tidy.
  • Durability: Many customers have noted the durability of the cans, even when used daily.
  • Convenient Features: The additional liner pocket at the back of the can which stores a package of 20 liners is a convenience often praised by users.

Common Complaints and Issues

However, no product is perfect and Simplehuman is no exception. Here are some common complaints expressed by consumers:

  • False Advertising: Some customers have reported issues with perceived false advertising regarding discounts on the first purchase when signing up as a member.
  • Customer Service: There were instances where customers weren’t satisfied with the company’s customer service, citing a lack of proper methods to reach them and delays in responses.
  • Delivery Delays: A few customers complained about not receiving their product within the advertised 3-day delivery timeframe.


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