How to Clean a Polyester Couch (5 Steps) + More!

how to clean polyester couch

Your Polyester couch is looking really unattractive and dirty, making you uncomfortable in your living room. The polyester couch is quite prone to stains and spills. But the good stuff is, it can appear just as new when you apply the right cleaning hacks.

A polyester couch is a great pick for a lot of reasons- aesthetics, strength, resistance to abrasion, and durability. It also doesn’t harbor mold and mildew. Great stuff, but just like most household upholstery, it requires regular cleaning.

You may be asking, is a polyester couch easy to clean? Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you know what to do. In this article, you’ll be learning very simple tricks for cleaning your polyester couch and ensuring that a bright appearance is maintained.

Let’s get straight to it.

Before Cleaning

1- Check for Cleaning Specifications

Manufacturers usually use certain codes to give directions as to how a polyester couch should be cleaned. Codes like W, S, and X are used.

S means that you can use a solvent cleaner on the polyester fabric.

W means a water-based cleaner will work fine for the fabric.

X indicates that you can only dry vacuum the couch.

– SW can also be used and it indicates that you can use water- or solvent-based cleaner on the sofa.

So, if your couch has a code (which you can find on its tag), it already limits your cleaning options. For instance, if you ask, can I steam clean a polyester couch, it will be an outright NO if your sofa is tagged X.

2- Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Based on the cleaning code on your sofa, you can use any of the following cleaning solutions


Shampoo OR detergent in warm water OR rubbing alcohol


Rubbing alcohol OR Dry-cleaning solvents


Rubbing alcohol OR shampoo OR detergent in warm water

Still, it’s best to test your cleaning solution on your couch beforehand.

To do this:

1- Choose a hidden spot on the sofa such as the underside and rub the cleaning solution with a clean cloth.
2- Let the spot dry and check for the outcome, ensure there are no stains and the color is not damaged.

If the cleaner works fine, you can go ahead with it for the entire sofa.

Now, onto the actual cleaning process. The steps below highlight how to clean a polyester couch and even a polyester leather couch.

Steps to Clean Your Polyester Couch

STEP 1: Prepare to Clean

Remove all small and large things on and around the sofa. Also, you can detach the cushions from the sofa if they’re removable.

STEP 2: Vacuum Clean

You can use your regular vacuum cleaner to deep clean your sofa. Get rid of all the bits of dirt on the surface of your couch. The best way is to move gradually, as in grids so that you cover the entire couch.

STEP 3: Remove Hair, Animal Fur, & Other Particles Using a Brush

This step is to remove all the hair and animal fur (if you house a pet) you may have missed in the previous step. Use a lint roller alongside.

Once this is done, all the tiny particles must have been taken care of. Should you still find some, repeat the vacuum cleaning step.

STEP 4: Apply the Cleaning Solution

Using a soft cloth and a brush, apply the solution gently across the surface. Note again that your cleaning solution depends on the kind of sofa you have, it should have been earlier determined and prepared.

Ensure you apply the solution across the entire surface, not missing out on any spot.

STEP 5: Let the Sofa Dry

Next, leave the sofa to dry out. You can use a hairdryer to speed this up.

The steps above are adequate to deep clean your polyester couch. It is advisable to clean like this regularly, at least thrice a month.

However, I cannot overstress how important it is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can always hire a professional if you don’t feel confident about cleaning it yourself.

Here is a quick recap of the steps:

1- Prepare to clean by clearing the space around the couch.
2- Vacuum the couch to remove every piece of dirt or debris.
3- Remove hair, animal fur, and other particles using a brush. Keep a lint roller alongside.
4- Apply your cleaning solution using a soft cloth and a brush.
5- Leave the sofa to dry.

Choosing a Polyester Couch Cleaner

When opting for a fabric cleaner, look for the one that not only takes care of your polyester couch but also your other outdoor fabrics such as canvas and acrylic fabrics.

Common Questions

Can you shampoo a polyester couch?

Yes, you can do this if your sofa is tagged W or W/S.

How to clean a polyester microfiber couch?

This is just about the same way you clean a regular polyester couch by clearing the space around the couch and then vacuuming thoroughly before applying the cleaning solution and letting the couch dry.

However, you would have to be sure about the manufacturer’s instructions. If you feel the fabric is really delicate and you’re unsure, contact a professional.

How to clean urine from a polyester couch?

Apply baking soda over the entire couch before using a cleaning solution (as per the cleaning code on the sofa). Baking Soda will take care of the odor and your cleaning solution will handle the stain.

How to clean resin-treated polyester fiber couch?

Except otherwise stated by the manufacturer, the steps above will work just fine for cleaning resin-treated polyester fiber couches.


The process is simple. Isn’t it? Just check the cleaning code of your couch and get down to actual cleaning by following the steps outlined above.


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