How To Clean Bamboo Floors (Quick Guide!)

How To Clean Bamboo Floors

Are you tired of seeing your bamboo flooring dirty all the time?

Bamboo, although mere a flowering plant, has significantly been engineered to be in shapes of planks and extended hardwoods. Bamboo Floors are known worldwide for their durability, even when directly compared with hardwood flooring.

The most fantastic aspect of bamboo floors is their ability to retain their shapes even when tempered at high levels, but it is wood after all and tends to look dull and begins to fade if not properly attended to. With the right answer to the question “How to clean bamboo floors?”, one can take care of these floors in the best possible way.

In this article, I will explain the steps and procedures to keep your bamboo floors shining and neat always.

Bamboo floors are usually light in color, although they can be transformed, by treating them in chemicals like carbon dioxide, into dark surfaces, which are relatively soft compared to light surfaced bamboo floors.

How To Make Bamboo Floors Shine? – 6 Tips

Generally, hardwood cleaning solutions are quite the deal for bamboo floors, but there are specific ones to keep away from as they damage the bamboo floors.

Here are some ways to clean bamboo floors adequately to ensure durability and beauty:

1- Regularly sweep the floor with a soft-bristle broom to make sure the floor is in good condition. Without cleaning the bed regularly, dust and debris would damage the floor.

2- Use Vacuum cleaners suitable for bamboo floors for an even better sweeping than brooms.

3- Use Damp mops for hardwood floors like Bona Hardwood Mop to clean spills and water droplets in the floor immediately, as bamboo floors are porous and water droppings tend to wrap the floor.

4- Use some specific cleaning solutions to clean floors weekly but avoid the use of acidic solutions or vinegar.

5- Place rugs or carpets at entrances to limit the amount of debris and dirt our footwear brings into your home.

6- Try to stick to only those waxes, which the manufacturer recommends as most other waxes can destroy bamboo floors.

This was really the meat of our discussion on cleaning bamboo floors, but I am going to tell you a lot more.

So keep reading!

How to Clean Bamboo Floors Without Streaks? – 4 Tips

Bamboo Floors are generally eco -friendly, durable and if they are well taken care of, they can last and fight streaks retaining their real nature for long.
Here’s how you do it?

1- Clean and mop your floors regularly to remove dirt and debris.

2- Use microfiber mops with specific floor cleaners to clean floors every week which leaves the floor shining.

3- Always use pH neutral cleaning spray as it cleans the floor, leaving it residue- or streak-free.

4- Always wipe away liquids with microfiber mops as bamboo floors are porous and tend to wrap if they get wet or immersed in water.

If you are thinking “How To Clean Engineered Bamboo Floors?“, then you need to know the difference between solid and engineered bamboo.

Well, Solid bamboo planks are glued together without fixing them to a plywood base first whereas engineered bamboo planks are, and that’s why they are a bit stronger and costlier.

Engineered bamboo floors tend to quickly show off dust and dirt as there is no fiber to contain dust. Having said that, we know by now that it is just about the way they’re produced and there’s not much difference in the way both are cleaned, so the techniques of cleaning remain the same as above.

Cleaning Bamboo Floors With Methylated Spirits

How to Clean Bamboo floors with Methylated spirit is what many people want to know. Can it be used to remove persistent stains on bamboo floors? Yes, you can use it, but using too much of it causes damage. We have to be careful not to destroy our floor in a bid to clean it.

To use methylated spirit to clean Bamboo floors:

1- Sweep the floors first to remove visible dirt; vacuums can also come in handy to get into deep corners of the room.

2- Mop the floor by dipping it in water, don’t make the floor get too wet as it tends to wrap it. Mopping the floor helps it to last relatively longer.

3- Clean it with the methylated spirit after mopping the floor. You can use cotton to do so, but make sure that the methylated spirit is diluted as far as 70% as it is acidic. Open the windows, as the methylated spirit has an odor that causes lung disease if inhaled for a long time.

4- Apply floor wax after the floor is dry as it makes sure that the floor is spotless and aids in retaining its shiny nature.

Some Extra Tips

1- Mop the floor quite often, depending on the amount of foot traffic experienced. If a room has more foot traffic, you can mop it twice a week to ensure that it is appropriately clean.

2- Avoid scratches on the floor as they tend to damage the floor quickly. Keeping your pet nails always neatly cut is a good practice. Apart from the cleaning routine, it is advisable to keep rugs and carpets around, to reduce foot traffic and contain scratches. Spike heels or Thin High heels can leave cavities on the floor, be sure to be careful. And, the same precaution is to be taken with your sports shoes.

4- Use mats that do not tend to trap moisture. Those with rubber backs can be dangerous. Also, Avoid steam cleaning your bamboo floors.

5- Use soft pads underneath furniture and reduce exposure to sunlight which will help in increasing the longevity of these floors.


Can You Use Murphy’s Oil soap on Bamboo Floors?

Yes, you can make use of Murphy oil soap to clean and polish your bamboo floors. However, constant use of the soap might result in a dulling of your bamboo flooring. In this case, all you have to do is use a mixture of vinegar and water to wash off the oil. In more severe cases sanding and refinishing might become necessary to restore the bamboo flooring.

Is Swiffer Safe for Bamboo Floors?

Yes, it is safe for Bamboo floors, and other essentials such as Bona bamboo floor cleaners are necessary too, for restoring the shine and maintaining the glow of bamboo floors.

My Bamboo Floor Looks Dull, What Should I Do?

Your bamboo floor looks dull because of accumulated dirt and grimes that need to be cleaned. Start cleaning your bamboo floors every day and use a good bamboo floor cleaning polish to shine the bed to enjoy the bamboo floor’s beauty.


Just like other wooden floors, the beauty of the bamboo floor is in maintaining a shiny look. To keep the polished look intact, you need to clean the bamboo floors frequently with the right cleaning agents, as I have described in this article. I am confident that I was able to help you.

Do you still have any questions? Have I addressed all your questions regarding cleaning your bamboo floors?

I would love to hear from you. Drop me a comment!

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