Fabuloso Mop Recipe!

Fabuloso Mop solution recipe

Using a multi-surface cleaner is one thing but using it in the best way is another. We’ll be looking at the best way to mop floors with Fabuloso multi-surface cleaners. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of diluting Fabuloso before cleaning.

Fabuloso Mop Recipe

Mopping with Fabuloso must be done only on hard non-porous surfaces such as:

• Stainless Steel
• Plastic
• Sealed Hardwood (Floors)
• Glazed Tile
• Formica
• Sealed Granite
• Sealed Limestone
• Sealed Stone
• Linoleum
• Acrylic
• Fiberglass Sealed Surfaces
• Sealed Terra Cotta
• Aluminum
• Plexiglass
• Chrome
• Sealed Terrazo
• Vinyl
• Sealed Grout
• Corian
• Sealed Slate
• Glass
• Glazed Ceramic Tile
• Glazed Porcelain

In most cases, you will need to use about a quarter cup of Fabuloso in a bucket of clean water. But this may need to be increased in some cases. In very few instances, you may need to use the Fbauloso undiluted.


1- Fabuloso (any scent)
2- Tide
3- Mopping stick
4- Mop bucket
5- Water


STEP 1- Pick or sweep the floor. Remove objects like toys, nylons, food particles, etc. from the floor to make cleaning easier. If there’s a lot of dust or dirt on the floor, you can vacuum.

STEP 2- Pour 1/4 cup of Fabuloso into your mop bucket. You can use 1/2 cup if the floor is dusty. Add some powder detergent. You can use any product you like but Tide works very well with Fabuloso for mopping.

STEP 3- Boil water and pour it into the bucket. The bucket should be about 3/4 full. If it’s more, you’ll be making a mess as you clean because the sudsy water will be spilling. If it’s less, the foam of the ingredients will be too much and this will leave a film on your floor.

You don’t want that because you will have to spend more time and energy rinsing.

STEP 4- Dip your mop into the bucket and wring the excess water out. Using a mop bucket with the spin option is better because the water is hot. You don’t have to wring the mop with your hands.

If you don’t have a spin mop, you should either wait for the water to cool before wringing the mop with your hands, or use warm water to mix the ingredients.

STEP 5- Use the mop to wipe your floors clean, dipping it into the sudsy water and wringing as you go. You don’t need to rinse because the solution won’t leave a residue on the floor. Just wait for the floor to dry and that’s it.

This recipe works on all types of floors. Whether you use tiles or hardwood flooring.

Why Dilute Fabuloso?

1- Economical: Using it undiluted will be a waste since it works all the same. A bottle of Fabuloso that will last you for a week may last you a month or more if you dilute it and this won’t affect the effectiveness of the product. Besides, the manufacturer advises that their product be mixed.

2- Fabuloso is Strong: Fabuloso is strong and concentrated. This may be too much for some delicate surfaces like hardwood as they get stained or damaged easily when not handled with care. You don’t know what undiluted Fabuloso can do to them.

3- Sticky: Using Fabuloso undiluted or not diluting it enough will make your floors sticky. This will attract more dirt and be very uncomfortable to walk or play on.

4- Prevents Over-Sudsing: You won’t be able to mop with undiluted Fabuloso unless you spritz some on the floor and use a floor steamer. But mopping will be difficult.

How much will you need to pour into your mop bucket till it gets half full or 3/4 full? Chances are you don’t have that much Fabuloso at home, and if you do, dipping a mop into that much Fabuloso will create a mess of suds.

Mopping your floor with that will be messy and tiring. You will need to rinse your floors many times after cleaning before you can get rid of the suds.

5- Overwhelming Scent: Fabuloso comes in strong scents, especially the Lavender variant. Using it undiluted may be too strong and overwhelming especially if you are sensitive, have allergies, or have asthma. Exposing yourself to the strong smell for too long can cause throat and lung irritation, coughing, dizziness, etc. (Source)

Fabuloso can also irritate the skin as it may accidentally spill on your skin while you are cleaning.

When Can you Use Fabuloso Undiluted?

The manufacturers recommend diluting Fabuloso when using it. However, if the surface you want to clean isn’t delicate and is not likely to be damaged by the cleaner, you can use Fabuloso undiluted.

For example, porcelain hardly gets stained or damaged by regular cleaners and you may want a strong solution to clean and disinfect your porcelain toilet.

Spraying undiluted Fabuloso antibacterial on the bowl, seat, and rims and leaving it for a few minutes to work might be necessary to get the desired level of odor and germ removal.

You can also use Fabuloso undiluted if you’ll be using a steam cleaner or steam mop to clean. Steam cleaners are designed to use water and heat as they clean, so if you have sprayed undiluted Fabuloso on the surface beforehand, it will be diluted with water as you clean.

When you need to get rid of a tough stain or a dry spill from a hard surface, you may use Fabuloso undiluted only for that specific area.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso should not be used undiluted for the most part. Diluting aids its effectiveness and makes it less likely to irritate your nose or skin.


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