Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean Walls? (Plaster, Wood, Tile)

Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean Walls

Poor walls always get neglected when it comes to cleaning. How often do you clean them? Fabuloso can be used on floors and most hard surfaces, but can it be used to clean walls? What about tiles and wallpaper? Read further to find out how to clean walls using Fabuloso.

Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean Walls?

Fabuloso can be used to clean walls as it is specially formulated to clean most hard, non-porous areas. This multi-purpose cleaner has a pH of 7, which makes it neutral. This is safer than other cleaners that are high in acids or alkalis.

While your walls may appear clean, dirt accumulates over time. Cleaning the walls regularly will keep them from becoming dull and caked with dirt.

Different Wall Types & Fabuloso

There are different types of surfaces for walls. You can have plastered walls, tiles, wallpaper, or even wooden walls. Before you attempt to clean your wall, it is advised to check the type of surface it is. Fabuloso should not be used on porous surfaces or unsealed wooden surfaces. Below are the types and features of different wall surfaces:

Plaster Walls

Plaster is used to coat walls to give them a smooth finish.

Plaster is porous so you may want to avoid Fabuloso and even wet cloths to clean it. The same goes for Drywall. You can use a damp cloth.

Whether it is a painted wall or a non-painted wall, spot test first on an inconspicuous area. If there is no discoloration, you can gently clean the wall.

Wooden Walls

Fabuloso can be used to clean wooden surfaces, as long as they are sealed. Fabuloso can be used on both painted and non-painted sealed wooden surfaces. However, it also depends on the type of paint used.

Always spot-test first before cleaning the entire surface.


Cement tile, limestone, and unglazed porcelain are porous in nature. To test if your tiles are porous, pour a couple of drops of water on them. If it gets absorbed, then it means the tiles are porous. Do not use Fabuloso on porous tile walls as the chemical in the solution will seep into the wall and cause damage.

Grout is used as filler between tiles and is porous. Tiles are typically sealed to protect them and extend their lifespan.

There is also a special grout sealer to protect the grout. If your tiles and grout are sealed, you can use Fabuloso to clean them.


There are various types of material that wallpaper can be made from, such as vinyl, fabric, cellulose, and hybrid, to name a few. You must heed the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning wallpaper as some material is susceptible to water damage.

Certain types of porous wallpaper can be sealed with a protective fluid. You can use Fabuloso to clean Vinyl wallpaper as it does not require any sealing. (Source)

How To Clean a Wall with Fabuloso?

Before cleaning a wall, remove any clocks, hangings, or paintings, and clear any shelves. Once you have determined the type of material and confirmed that the surface is sealed and not porous, use the following steps to clean the wall using Fabuloso:

Gather the cleaning supplies listed below:

  • Dry duster
  • Soft sponge
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Bucket of water with Fabuloso (¼ cup per gallon)
  • Spray bottle – ⅛ cut Fabuloso in water
  • Old towels – lay these down to protect the floor.


Tiles are usually found in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Clean them regularly to keep them from becoming dull.

Items needed: Fabuloso, soft sponge, microfiber cloth (2)

STEP 1- Spray the Fabuloso solution on the tiles and scrub them gently with the soft sponge.

STEP 2- Rinse off the cleaning solution and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean.

Caution: Do not spray the entire area first. This will leave water marks if the area starts to dry before you can clean it. Work in sections.

STEP 3- Wipe again to dry the tiles.

Grout is porous so be careful when cleaning the tiles.

Wooden Walls

Items needed: Fabuloso, Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, dry duster, Microfiber cloth (2), microfiber mop (optional)

Follow the steps below to clean wooden walls:

STEP 1- Using the duster, dust off the corners, and areas around the lights.

STEP 2- Use the vacuum with the soft brush and vacuum the wall.

Always start from the top to prevent dust from falling on areas that you have already covered.

STEP 3- Take a microfiber cloth, dip it in the Fabuloso solution and start wiping the walls. You can even use a microfiber wall mop to cover a wider area. This will save you time, but make sure the mop is damp and not wet.

STEP 4- To avoid leaving the areas wet, you may want to dry them with a clean microfiber cloth after cleaning them.

To prevent the seal from wearing out, use damp cloths/mops to clean the wooden surfaces.

If it is a painted wall, use the Fabuloso solution on a small area to spot-test for discoloration. Emulsion paints can be washed. Paint that has satin and eggshell finishes can also be washed.


Items needed: Fabuloso, Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, sponge, bucket, damp cloth

The wallpaper must also be carefully cleaned. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1- Use the vacuum to clean the entire wall, starting from the top.

STEP 2- Cleaning is dependent on the type of wallpaper you have. For wallpaper such as vinyl, dip the sponge into the bucket with Fabuloso solution and start cleaning the walls.

STEP 3- Wipe the area again with a clean damp cloth.

STEP 4- To prevent the walls from staying wet, wipe again with a dry cloth.

Always be careful when cleaning wallpaper. Any damage will mean the entire wallpaper will need to be replaced.

Brick and concrete are porous materials, so avoid cleaning them with Fabuloso.

Cleaning Walls (What You Must Know!)

Remember the following before cleaning your walls:

1- Avoid abrasive pads to clean walls. These will damage the surface and leave scratch marks. Also, do not scrub too hard as you will damage the paint or wallpaper.
2- Do not leave the walls wet. Water can wear down the protective sealant. Keep your windows open to allow for faster drying.
3- Clean your walls at least twice a year. Dust and grime tend to build up, and this can aggravate allergies.
4- Cleaning walls takes time and can be tiring. Prepare in advance so you can clean them without being interrupted. Dedicate one room at a time, and soon you will have spotless, wonderfully scented walls.
5- Never use bleach to clean the walls.
6- If there are spot stains, clean those after cleaning the entire wall. You can use a magic eraser.

Final Thoughts!

Determine the type of wall you have before using Fabuloso to clean it. Only use Fabuloso on non-porous walls (such as glazed tile, vinyl wallpaper, glass walls, or sealed wooden walls) surfaces.

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