Can You Put Fabuloso in a Diffuser? (5 Reasons!)

Can you put Fabuloso in a diffuser

No doubt we all love the fragrances of different Fabuloso versions but does that make it a good alternative to essential oils for your diffusers? This is what we will be discussing in this article.

Can You Put Fabuloso in a Diffuser?

Fabuloso or any other cleaner should not be used in a diffuser as it is toxic to heat this cleaner and may produce suds.

Here are more detailed reasons why you shouldn’t put Fabuloso into a diffuser.

1- Fabuloso is meant to be used for cleaning off dirt and grime from non-porous hard surfaces. It is not meant to be used on fabrics or be boiled on a stove or used for “other-than-cleaning” purposes.

2- Diffusers are not only used to make the home smell nice, but they also improve your respiratory and mental health among other health benefits. This is because the natural ingredients that evaporate and freshen up the air are used in diffusers.

Fabuloso is not “natural” as it is made by using chemicals such as surfactants, colorants, and fragrances.

3- Fabuloso contains chemicals that make it a multi-purpose cleaner. Some of these chemicals can be very toxic when inhaled for a long time. Symptoms can range from nausea, and vomiting, to loss of breath.

You can use Fabuloso once in a while in your diffuser as an emergency option if you aren’t sensitive, but using it every time can affect your lungs.

4- Fabuloso is highly flammable and should not be used close to heat or flame. (Source) If you use an electric or a flame diffuser, put the idea of using Fabuloso in it aside.

5- Fabuloso is a cleaner, which works by producing suds for effective cleaning. So if you put it into a diffuser and you heat it up, it may produce foam which can clog your diffuser as it works. This can also damage your diffuser permanently.

What Can I Put In My Diffuser Besides Oil?

Factors such as cost, availability, and different fragrance preferences may make you want to use something else in your diffuser than essential oils.

Whatever may be your reason, the good news is there are great alternatives to essential oils for diffusing. This isn’t recommended for a nebulizing diffuser though. These products can clog them.

You should note several things before using the alternatives in your diffuser.

1- Essential oils are organic and are meant to be therapeutic. They are used in diffusers to help calm you, reduce stress, etc. Using alternatives may make your house smell good but they may not have therapeutic benefits like the essential oils.

2- Using these alternatives may invalidate your warranty. If the manufacturer says you should only use essential oils with their diffuser, using anything other than that can cancel your warranty if a problem arises.

3- Always wash your diffuser after every use if you are using anything other than essential oils in them. Other products may clog them up quickly since they are not specifically made to be used in diffusers.

Now that we have cleared that up, let’s take a look at the essential oil alternatives for your diffuser.

1- Citrus Juice: You can get this from citrus fruits like lemon, orange, lime, etc. These are fresh-smelling fruits and can be a great alternative to essential oils. (Source)

Squeeze the fruits into a cup and sieve out any particles from the juice thoroughly. Using citrus juice without filtering it can clog your diffuser. Add one or two teaspoons to the water in your diffuser and turn it on.

2- Perfume/ fragrance: Using oil-based perfumes and fragrance oils is a great way to make your room smell nice with a diffuser. Don’t use alcohol-based perfumes as they can dry out your skin and they also contain synthetic chemicals that may not be right for you.

Put some water into your diffuser and add some drops of perfume or fragrance oil. 4 or 5 drops are enough. Plug in your diffuser, turn it on and enjoy the scent for a few hours.

3- Bay Leaves: Bay essential oils have impressive health benefits. But you can use the leaves in your diffuser if you don’t want to use its oil.

Grind the leaves into a powder. Pour some water into your diffuser and add one or two pinches of the powder into the water. Plug in your diffuser the leaf’s scent will be evenly diffused in your room.

4- Dried Herbs: Dried herbs like oregano, rosemary, mint, thyme, etc. are often used in cooking because of their strong flavors and scents. Another great way of making use of these herbs however is to diffuse them in your room.

Ensure you don’t put the herbs into your diffuser without first grinding them. After grinding them into a fine powder, put a pinch or two into your diffuser after putting water first. Then plug in your diffuser and turn it on.

5- Spices: These are made from roots, seeds, bark, fruits, etc., and are used for adding color and flavor to foods. Spices like cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, ginger, etc. with strong scents can be used in a diffuser. Use them the same way dried herbs are used.

6- Vanilla Extract: This is made from vanilla beans and is considered a necessary ingredient in baking. It has a great scent and adds great flavor to food. It is also a great alternative to essential oil.

Pour water into your diffuser, add four or five drops of vanilla extract into the water, and plug it in.

Final Thoughts!

Fabuloso should not be used in diffusers but you don’t have to always use essential oils in your diffuser. There are great alternatives that work well, which have been listed and explained.

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