Can Fabuloso Be Used on Granite? (Make it Last Longer)

Can Fabuloso Be Used on Granite

Granite is an igneous rock that is heat and scratch-resistant. It is hard and durable, and these qualities make it a popular option for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and flooring as well. So you have lovely new granite countertops and are wondering what the best product is for cleaning and maintaining them.

Also, you are wondering if your Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner can be safely used on that countertop.

This article discusses how to use Fabuloso products to clean granite tops and alternative products which can be used to clean granite tops.

Can Fabuloso Be Used on Granite?

Fabuloso has a neutral pH and can therefore be used to clean granite countertops. Anything that contains acid will damage the granite countertops. But it also has Hydrogen Peroxide which should not be used too frequently on granite. So you should use fabuloso on granite only occasionally.

Although granite has low porosity, it can still absorb liquid and fluids, as well as harbor bacteria. Granite countertops require a sealant, to prevent liquids and bacteria from getting into the pores.

The range of pH is from 0-14, with 7 being neutral. Anything having less than 7 pH is acidic while anything above that is alkaline. When cleaners are on either of the extreme sides, they pose a threat to the surface being cleaned. (Source)

Using Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaners on Granite

The Fabuloso all-purpose cleaner has a range of 12 products. The Fabuloso all-purpose cleaner has 9 items and the Fabuloso Complete has 3 items. Fabuloso Complete has more active chemicals for a more thorough and deeper cleaning.

Fabuloso all-purpose cleaners have a pH level of about 7. This makes it a neutral cleaner, as opposed to other cleaners that can be acidic or basic. It can therefore be used on granite surfaces for short durations and should not be left lingering on granite for long.

It is always good practice to try out the cleaner in a small, inconspicuous area for test purposes before using it to clean the entire area.

Fabuloso is formulated to clean most hard surfaces. You can mix ¼ cup of Fabuloso in 1 gallon of water to clean floors and other hard surfaces. To remove grease, pour a small amount onto a sponge and scrub gently.

For a long-term basis, it is advisable to use cleaners that are specially made for granite.

Using Fabuloso Wipes on Granite

Fabuloso also has disinfectant wipes as part of its product range.

The wipes should be used on non-porous, hard surfaces and surfaces that do not come into contact with food.

Do not use disinfecting wipes to clean granite countertops. Ammonia in the wipes will damage the seal and the granite. There are other ways to disinfect granite tops as stated further below.

How Does Fabuloso React with Granite?

The Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner contains the following ingredients:

o Water – Will be absorbed by the granite and will darken the surface temporarily
o Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate – a surfactant that removes dirt and grease
o Fragrance – provides a pleasant scent
o C9-11 Pareth-8 – a surfactant that removes dirt and grease
o Sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate – a surfactant that removes dirt and grease
o Sodium Laureth Sulfate – a surfactant that removes dirt and grease
o Sodium Chloride – a viscosity modifier
o Glutaral – preservative
o Citric Acid – regulates the pH level
o Colorants – gives color to the product

The Fabuloso Wipes contain the following ingredients:

Active Ingredients
o Alkyl (C14, 50%; C12, 40%; C16, 10%)) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride – antimicrobial agent
o Octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride – antimicrobial agent
o Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride – antimicrobial agent
o Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride – antimicrobial agent

Inactive Ingredients
o Water Solvent
o Composite Cloth Carrier
o Fragrance – For the smell

Citric acid and anything that contains ammonia will cause stains on granite.

While the effect of other ingredients in the above products on granite tops is not entirely known, leaving any cleaning substance longer than necessary may adversely affect the granite as it is porous.

What Things Damage Granite?

Avoid using the following substances on granite:

o Bleach: Can dull the finish or discolor the granite surface. (Fabuloso does not contain any Bleach in it)
o Ammonia: Damages the seal. (Fabuloso does not contain any Ammonia in it)
o Citric acid, Citrus-based juices such as lemons and oranges: Can cause etching, ultimately leaving dull spots on the surfaces. Also the natural fissures and pits in the stone trap acids which degrade it over time. Some Fabuloso versions have this.
o Vinegar: Causes etching
o Glass cleaners such as Windex: Cause pitting and dulling of the surface by removing the sealant
o Hydrogen peroxide: Only harms the stone if continuously used on it. It also leaves a film on the countertop. Some versions of Fabuloso have this ingredient.
o Disinfectants: Contain citric acid which weakens the seal and damages the surface.

Most of the above-mentioned things erode the sealer and without the protection of the seal, such substances and other liquids will seep into the granite causing stains and dullness.

Note: Avoid putting meat directly on the granite counters as bacteria will enter the granite due to its porous nature. To prevent cross-contamination, use a chopping board.

Water can temporarily stain granite. If the seal is damaged, spilled liquids will seep into the granite. Oil, wine, and juice will stain the granite if it is not wiped immediately.

How To Clean Granite Countertops (The Best Way)


1- Warm water
2- Soft sponge
3- Clean soft cloth (2)
4- Dish soap
5- Baking soda
6- Hydrogen peroxide

Follow the steps below to clean your granite countertops:

STEP 1: Remove all items from the countertops. This includes appliances. Remove any dirt or crumbs with a dry cloth.

STEP 2: Start cleaning the countertop carefully with a soft sponge dipped in warm water and dish soap. Clean in an ‘S-shaped’ pattern. Do not use an abrasive sponge.

STEP 3: Wipe with clean water and a clean cloth to remove any residue left behind by the soapy water. Make sure not to leave the soapy water on the granite for too long.

STEP 4: Wipe the countertop dry with a soft cloth.

STEP 5: For stains, make a paste of baking soda and water to remove oil-based stains. Baking soda combined with hydrogen peroxide should remove water-based stains.

6 Ways to Make Granite Last Longer

Granite is a beautiful addition and a worthy investment to the home. Despite its durability, granite must be maintained to remain in good condition.

1- Seal the Granite Tops When Necessary

The granite seal slows down the absorption of any liquid by the granite. If any spilled liquid is left long enough, it will seep through to the granite.

To check if the countertop needs resealing, spill a few drops of water on the top and wait for 10 minutes.

If they are absorbed and the area becomes discolored, it is time to reseal the surface as soon as possible. Sealing fills up the pores in the granite so liquids cannot penetrate it easily, thus protecting the granite.

2- Keep Countertops Clean

Clean the countertops daily, especially the ones that are used regularly in the kitchen. This will keep them from getting dull and discolored.

3- Wipe up Spills Immediately

Wipe up any liquid immediately, especially if it is wine, juice, vinegar, and oil. Use coasters for beverages.

4- Use Hot Mats

Although granite is heat resistant, use a hot mat for hot pans and plates and avoid putting them directly on the countertop.

5- Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

Do not use harsh and abrasive cleaning products on granite.

6- Do Not Chop on the Granite

Use chopping boards and do not cut food items directly on the granite. The effect of cutting can damage the seal.

Follow these tips to keep your granite bright and well-maintained.

What Surfaces Can You Use Fabuloso On?

Fabuloso is formulated to be used only on certain surfaces. Other surfaces can get damaged if Fabuloso is applied.

Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaners can be used on the following non-porous, hard surfaces:

Fabuloso Wipes can be used to clean as well as disinfect non-porous, non-food, and hard surfaces.

Fabuloso CleanersFabuloso Wipes
Toilet seatsToilet seats
Toilet bowlsGarbage cans
Finished floorsLight switches
Sealed wooden floorsGlass
Laminate floorsLaminate floors
Glazed tilesGlazed tiles
Electronic items
Exteriors of home appliances

Leave the surface to air dry after using the wipes. If the surface is extremely dirty, clean it first and then use the wipes to sanitize.

The wipes should not be used on brass, unpainted wood, and marble. The Fabuloso Lemon Scent wipes should not be used on granite countertops since lemon is acidic and can wear out the sealant.

What Cleaners Are Safe for Granite?

Some cleaning agents are suitable for granite, while others are not. The following are granite-friendly commercial cleaners:

• Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish
• Better Life Granite and Stone Cleaner
• Seventh Generation Granite & Stone Cleaner
• Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray
• Supreme Surface Cleaner, Polish & Sealer

If commercial cleaners aren’t at hand, use mild dish soap and warm water to clean granite. Avoid citrus-based soaps.

Does Fabuloso Cleaner Disinfect Granite?

The Fabuloso and Fabuloso Complete range of all-purpose cleaners do not disinfect surfaces. They are used to clean dirt, grease, grime, and remove limescale.

The Fabuloso Wipes are disinfecting and sanitizing products. These wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria, and viruses including the Coronavirus.

Avoid using wipes to disinfect granite surfaces. To disinfect granite surfaces, combine 4 tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol, 3-4 drops of dish soap, and 1 liter of water. Use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on the granite surfaces and wipe clean.


While Fabuloso all-purpose can be used to clean granite countertops, it is advisable to use the cleaners specially made for granite. This will ensure the granite lasts longer and there is no risk of potential damage.

Do not use disinfecting wipes or other commercial cleaners to clean granite. Mild dish soap is a good alternative to commercial cleaners.

Reseal the granite countertops when required. Wipe any spills immediately. Never use bleach or ammonia on granite.
Maintaining your granite countertops is easy, and well-maintained countertops look wonderful and can even attract potential buyers.

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