6 Best Vacuum for Cat Litter | Summer 2022 Picks

Best Vacuum for Cat Litter

As a pet owner, having a cat is a lot of fun and satisfaction. Cleaning cat litter is, however, not fun at all. You have been tirelessly scooping out that cat poop out of the litter box resulting in a lot of litter being spread on the floor. Or maybe your cat is just taking the litter stuck to its feet all over the house.

And you are sick of manually cleaning it. Maybe you are using a broom or a brush to clean it. But you deserve an easier life. This article is just for you. I will show you which vacuums are the best right now for cleaning that litter. Not just for that, but also for fur and stains.

Litter is made up of tiny clay particles that can damage the mechanics of a typical household vacuum cleaner. The clay dust can clog your vacuum, also making it smell like cat litter. The scent of cat litter is difficult to get rid of. It gets into the hard-to-reach internal components of your regular household vac, making it impossible to clean, and your whole house can smell like cat litter for the rest of your life.

Top Picks for Cat Litter Vacuums

Best Upright VacuumBest Hand-held VacuumBest Robot VacuumBest Stick VacuumBest Wet/Dry VacuumBest Canister Vacuum
BRANDSharkBlack DeckeriRobotEurekaArmor AllEureka
MODELRotator Powered Lift-Away TruePetCHV1410LRoomba i3BlazeAA255 Utility Shop vacuumMighty Mite 3670M
POWER TYPECordedBatteryBatteryCordedCordedCorded
CORD LENGTH25 ft.18 ft.10 ft.20 ft.
WEIGHT16.7 lbs.2.6 lbs.11 lbs.3.2 lbs.7 lbs.9 lbs.

What to Look For When Picking a Vacuum For Cat Litter?

1- Suction Strength & Durability

When dealing with litter and pet fur, suction strength and durability are important. Since cat fur tends to get trapped in carpeting and upholstery fabrics, vacuuming with a weaker vacuum is difficult.

My top picks are dependable – and come with a warranty if something goes wrong.

2- Versatility

Since a vacuum is such a large purchase, it’s important to choose one that can handle pet hair while still being flexible enough to fit in every room of the house (and hopefully the car too!).

3- Can it Disinfect?

A pet vacuum should disinfect soft carpeting, wood or tile floors, stairs, and upholstery.

facts about cleaning
facts about cleaning

4- Dirt and Air Separation

Look for a vacuum with a bypass flow motor for dirt and air separation. As a result, clay dust will be unable to settle in the filter. The cyclonic cleaning will ensure that the vacuum’s suction remains strong for several years.

5- Your Floor Type

Examine the vacuum’s suitability for the type of flooring you have. You’ll need a roller cleaner if you have carpets or rugs. Using a cleaner with a hard floor attachment is recommended if your litter box is on a hard surface.

6- Height Adjustment

Keep in mind that your cat’s paws will track litter all over the house. If you have a variety of floors, look for a vacuum with multiple height settings to fit each type.

The following are the best-reviewed vacuum for cat litter:

1- Best Upright Vacuum

Upright vacuums are the most reliable ones when it comes to durability and strength. Virtually every American home will have this type. Usually, they last longer than the other models. These vacs are important in homes with wall-to-wall carpeting because they can pick up dirt and hair that you can’t see.

Bagged or bagless upright vacuums are available, with the latter being more popular. This vacuum will clean your home thoroughly and can not be compromised by cat litter.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet

The lift-away feature of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright vacuum (click to see the current price on Amazon) makes it perfect for cleaning the litter on stairs and in tight corners. Just press a button to lift away the pod.

For sticky and wet litter lumps, you can easily lift them by using the Pet Power Brush. That’s not all, the vacuum will not spit or push the cat litter here and there.

It’s light and straightforward to hold, weighing slightly below 14 lbs as an upright model and just 8 lbs as a lift-away canister model.

Its HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology make it suitable for allergy sufferers. The filter is additionally shielded by cyclonic technology, which separates soil and air.


Power: 120V
Cord Length: 25ft
Weight: 16.7lb


1- Swivel steering head makes it easier to maneuver around objects and furniture.

2- Due to the built-in LED headlight, this vacuum doesn’t let any cat litter conceal itself.

3- Move from cleaning carpets to hard floors and the other way around with an easy fingertip trigger.

4- Thumbs up for suction strength and powerful brush roller.

5- Pet Multi-tool for stuck-on debris and pet hair.

6- Pod detaches to deep-clean, hard-to-reach areas while still supplying power.

7- HEPA filtration system that forestalls clay litter particles, dirt, and mud from being blown back to the vacuum’s pipe.

8- Includes a second filter with a mesh secure casing. These filters have a special non-stick coating that helps keep them from clogging.


1- The upholstery attachment isn’t powered; it runs on suction alone and involves an entire stop when placed on your sofa or cushion.

2- Its microfiber floor cleaning attachment is big and heavy, and it must be stored separately from the vacuum.

3- The hose is sort of short and stiff.

4- The cord isn’t retractable.

2- Best Hand-held Vacuum

Instead of dragging a canister or lugging around a huge upright vacuum, you can quickly clean up the cat litter or other debris from wood floors with a handheld vacuum. This is especially good for old people and people with joint pains.

In a small apartment, storage is limited, particularly if you live in an older apartment with few closets. A portable vacuum is perfect for small spaces since it takes up less storage space. Until your cat knocks over a flowerpot and you need suction right away, hold it under your bed or in a drawer.

The handheld vacuum is suitable for reaching into tight spaces thanks to its small size. it’s unaffected by a little volume of cat litter. However, it’s not widely used.

Black Decker CHV1410L

Since Specifications

Voltage: 16V
Power Source: Lithium Battery
Dust Bowl Capacity: 20.6 ounces
Weight: 2.6lb


1- Smart Charge Technology charges the lithium battery and shuts off the charging when it’s done, saving you energy over time.

2- Cyclonic action keeps the filter clean.

3- Rotating slim nozzle can be used for many different purposes.

4- It has a large transparent dust collector that makes it easy to ascertain when it must be emptied.

5- Its small size saves tons of space


1- After extended periods of use, some consumers have complained about battery life problems.

2- The battery is not replaceable.

3- Best Robot Vacuum

Thanks to advanced technology, today’s robot vacuums are often controlled easily from your smartphone or tablet. People that are in a rush most of the time, always prefer these little suckers.

You do not have to worry about the cat litter spread all over the place when you return home from work. The robot will have done the cleaning for you.

iRobot Roomba i3

iRobot Roomba i3 (click to see the current price on Amazon) has excellent pick-up and precision. With a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and 10X Power-Lifting Suction, it attracts sticky dirt and messes. With the iRobot HOME app or your voice assistant, you’ll keep track of how you clean.

It is easy to use and accomplishes the task at hand. The i3 navigates and maps your area in tidy rows, vacuuming hardwood and carpet, using cutting-edge floor tracking sensors. The vacuum cleans where it’s needed while avoiding places where it’s not needed.

The robot’s Reactive Sensor Technology tells it where it can and can’t go, reducing the probabilities of it being lost and increasing the likelihood of it knowing where it’s going.

This vacuum is interested in your life and listens to what you say. It learns your cleaning habits and generates personalized cleaning schedules for you, while Google Assistant and Alexa allow you to start out cleaning just by speaking.


1- It’s ideal for cats and dogs as it is extremely pet-friendly.

2- Twin Multi-Surface Rubber will prevent it from getting entangled with cat fur or other pet hair.

3- The High-Efficiency Filter will trap 99 percent of cat and dog allergen.

4- It works well in larger homes and is easy to operate, durable, and good at cleaning most rugs.

5- Smart sensors will sense carpet and hardwood.

6- It’ll automatically dump any debris into its charging dock (sold separately), which you will only need to empty once or twice a month. It really works, and it is easy.


1- It isn’t as fast.

2- Weak in cleaning black surfaces.

4- Best Stick Vacuum

Because of their compact size and portability, stick vacs stand out.

Stick vacuums are usually divided into two categories: corded and cordless. It’s entirely up to you to settle on one. These are often an excellent choice if you are looking for a vacuum that’s easy to maneuver and store.

Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum

Eureka Blaze (click to see the current price on Amazon) is a powerful machine.

‘Large particles’ is not an issue for Eureka Blaze. What makes it especially awesome for picking up cat litter is its Capture nozzle which sucks the litter through its large particle channel.

The vacuum’s 3-in-1 configuration, which incorporates an onboard crevice tool, allows you to customize it to your individual needs. The Eureka blaze weighs just 4 pounds, so you can easily carry it.

On hard floors like wood, linoleum, and tile, this works great. For the kitty litter spread over your low pile carpets and area rug, the blaze won’t disappoint you. I considered its size and weight to be especially useful when pulling it out for a pre-guest clean or an extended stair-cleaning session.

The extra-large dust cup is straightforward to get rid of litter, and the filters are washable. Use warm and soapy water. Also, make sure it’s fully dry before reusing it.


1- The Capture nozzle quickly picks up larger debris, unlike other stick vacuums that move them around.

2- Works well on hard floors, area rugs, and low pile carpets.

3- The washable filtration system removes debris and improves air quality, while the powerful 2 amp motor collects contaminants like pollen and dust.

4- You’ll get the work done quicker with the 18′ cord and X-Large dust cup without frequent emptying of the cup.

5- It is Lightweight.


1- The cord doesn’t seem to be ideal for giant room cleaning.
2- It doesn’t have a motorized brush. So not the best for hair pickup.
3- Stick vacs always need some support as they don’t freely stand on their own.

5- Best Wet/Dry Vacuum

Vacuuming wet litter can lead to a variety of problems. The majority of vacuum cleaners can only handle dry messes and not wet ones. This will necessitate the use of a special wet/dry vacuum.

The cat litter is typically moist when it reaches its maximum absorbency. As a result, employing a wet/dry vacuum reduces the danger of moisture granules causing damage to the vacuum’s mechanism.

Armor All AA255 Utility Shop vacuum


Voltage: 120V
Power Source: Corded Electric
Motor Power: 2 Horsepower
Weight: 7lb

When considering wet/dry vacuums, it might be an error to forget the Armor All AA255 Utility Shop vacuum (click to see the current price on Amazon). This vacuum features a 2.5-gallon tank and is formed of polypropylene plastic.

Although it’s designed mostly for car, shop, and garage use, it works wonders to suck up that wet cat litter without harming the machine’s internal components.

Notable features include a 10-foot cord with wrap, 6-foot 1.25-inch hose, reusable fabric filter, reusable foam sleeve, 2-in-1 utility nozzle, crevice tool, deluxe car nozzle, blower nozzle, and knowledge brush.


1- Powerful suction because of the 2 horsepower motor

2- It can be used as a blower for clearing litter from your doorway and other areas. It even allows you to blow away leaves and debris outside.

3- With the air and noise diffuser included, noise is often reduced to a bare minimum.

4- Assembling this vacuum takes just a couple of minutes.

5- The Auto shut-off feature detects the fill cap and avoids overflow.

6- Easy to carry.

7- Very pocket-friendly alternative to larger vacuum cleaners.

8- The entire cord, as well as a portion of the hose, can be stored inside the cleaner, making it a very small device.


1- The power cord is quite short and there are no wheels, which limits the movement.

2- It’s not your typical vacuum for cleaning the house. It’s designed and built as a garage or workshop vacuum, so it fits well on hard floors and doesn’t fit as well on carpet.

3- It must be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis.

6- Best Canister Vacuum

Canisters are especially better than Uprights if most of the litter you see is on or around your stairs. These vacs can reach these areas with greater efficiency because of the hose that they come with.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670M Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670M (click to see the current price on Amazon) is a great choice if you’re looking for a lightweight but powerful canister vacuum to collect all the cat litter.

This system is exceptional, particularly when working on hard floors such as wood, tile, etc. because it includes a powerful 10-amp motor.

Separate floorheads and a dirt canister are used in this vacuum, with the motor housed inside the canister. It excels at cleaning stairwells and other difficult-to-reach places.

It is, however, bulky, and you will have to drag it while vacuuming.


Motor: 10-amp motor
Weight: 9 pounds
Disposal method: Bagged
Power source: Corded electric


1- The 3-layer filter system prevents litter from escaping, so shielding your home from odorous messes is a breeze.

2- It’s also simple to get to those hard-to-reach places thanks to the included quick-release 20 ft cord.

3- Vacuum is light, allowing users to easily transport it up and down the stairs.

4- It also does not necessitate a large amount of storage as the size is compact.

5- Easily picks up cat litter as well as pet hair.


1- The hose has a flimsy feel to it.

2- Some fine messes such as powders, carpet fresheners, etc can decrease the performance, and the bag + filters may have to be changed frequently.

Why Do You Need a Vacuum for Cat Litter


Depending on the type of litter you use, the odor can be very strong. The odor of old cat litter is very heavy, and once it gets inside your vacuum, it might not leave. It can then spread to other parts of your home.


There are 3 general categories of cat litter: clay-based, biodegradable, and silica-based.

Clay-based litter is advantageous because it can absorb up to its own weight in urine. However, when it’s done absorbing and can’t bear anymore, a distinct odor will emerge.
Tip: By adding charcoal or baking soda, the odor may be minimized.

Biodegradable litter is a more environmentally friendly choice that is also good for your cat’s health. This type can be made from recycled materials or even plants such as wheat or corn.

Silica-based litter is made from a crystallized type of silica gel. It absorbs cat urine effectively while also minimizing odor. This type is preferred by many because it produces less dust.

Although they have very different features, they all have one thing in common. After absorbing urine, the type of litter you use can become a hard material. As a result, they could all be harmful to your vacuum cleaner.

If the granules are sucked up, they pass through the device at high speeds, crashing into internal components. The effect will damage these delicate pieces, and you will soon notice that your vacuum cleaner is failing.


Mold is a major source of concern for most homeowners, and it can be difficult to remove once it has grown. Mold may not appear at first, in a place where you think it might be, but it will definitely show up in your vacuum.

When sucking up soiled cat litter, your previous vac might have gone on to clean up something wet or damp.

In such a case mold would have developed due to the combination of moisture and bacteria.
The best vacuums for cat litter should come with a powerful filtration system that traps the litter within the canister.

More Tips

1- Since litter is dusty and stinky, your vacuum must contain dust as well as other allergens. Since you’ll be using your vacuum every day, it’ll be much better if it has an easy-to-clean canister.

2- It’s also important to consider where you’ll store your litter box. A high-powered handheld vacuum is a good option to clear all of the litter that tends to accumulate in nooks and crannies because your cats’ litter boxes are in such small spaces.

If however, your litter boxes are in open areas, you might want to clean up the litter with an upright or stick vacuum with just a few passes.


You should consider investing in a vacuum cleaner that is powerful, easy to carry, lightweight, suits your floor type, and is capable of separating clay dust and air.

Since there are so many options, picking the right vacuum for cat litter isn’t always easy. I hope that my recommendations above would help you make a good buying decision and free up more of your time to enjoy the rewards of owning a pet.


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