Are Magic Erasers Reusable? (Make Them Last Longer!)

Are magic erasers reusable

People worry when their magic erasers start falling apart. In this article, we’ll be talking about magic erasers and their lifespan. We’ll be discussing how long they last, and what you can do to make them last longer.

Are Magic Erasers Reusable?

Magic erasers can be reused as long as they are properly dried and stored after use. After using a magic eraser, rinse it thoroughly. Then air-dry it and store it in a dry place until the next time you need it.

How Many Times Can You Use Magic Eraser?

You can use magic erasers as many times as you want, but note that magic erasers wear out quickly. One magic eraser can be used as many as 12 times for spot cleaning and about 5 or 6 times for cleaning small areas.

If you are cleaning a large surface, you may exhaust one full magic eraser or more, so you can only use the magic eraser once.
For smaller projects, like countertops, sinks, etc. you can use, store, and reuse your magic eraser as many times as you want. The eraser will not degrade where it is kept and will always feel like new.

You only have to wet it before each use and ensure you dry it after use, before storing.

2 Reasons why Magic Erasers Fall Apart

1- It is Foam: Magic erasers are made of melamine foam which has tiny air pockets that can absorb water. Because they are made of foam and are porous, though they clean well, they lack strength.

Just like a pencil eraser, magic erasers will fall apart and reduce as you use them. This may even leave residues on the surface you clean.

2- Wrong Usage: Using your magic eraser on uneven surfaces can make it fall apart faster. Using them to clean surfaces like unfinished wood, concrete, etc. will cause friction that will wear them down faster, causing them to crumble.

Properly Storing Your Magic Eraser for Reuse!

1- Whenever you want to use a magic eraser to clean a small area, just damp a small part of the eraser instead of immersing the eraser in water. This ensures the remaining part stays dry even while using the eraser and it is easier to reuse it this way.

Because the remaining parts remained dry, it’s like you never used them, so they will last longer when stored.

2- Avoid storing it where it is likely to get wet. After drying your magic eraser, put it inside a plastic plate and cover it. If the magic eraser gets wet where it is stored, it will be damaged.

It shouldn’t be stored where there’s extreme heat too. After a while, it could begin to crumble. Store in a cool and dry place.

3- Magic erasers shouldn’t be used with bleach. Apart from the danger that this poses, storing the eraser when it has bleach in it can damage it. If you used the magic eraser with bleach, rinse it well and dry it before storing.

4- Rinse the Magic eraser after each use before storing. Leaving the dirt and debris you scrubbed with the magic eraser in it, can cause it to disintegrate faster and fall apart.

That’s not the right way to store it if you want to still use it. Remove all that dirt by putting the eraser under running water and wringing it out afterward.

Make Your Magic Eraser Last Longer! (5 Tips!)

1- Don’t use it dry. Magic erasers clean well, whether they are used dry or wet, but they are more efficient when they are wet. You will spend less time scrubbing, which means your eraser will have less chance of wearing out, which will make it last longer.

2- Avoid using your magic eraser on rough surfaces. They will crumble and wear out faster. Use magic erasers on hard and smooth surfaces only if you want to reuse them many times.

3- Magic erasers are good for removing tough and stubborn stains. Avoid using them for general cleaning on large surfaces. You can wipe these surfaces down with liquid cleaners and use magic erasers on areas with stubborn stains only. This will help your magic eraser last longer.

4- Avoid putting pressure on the magic eraser while cleaning. The eraser is effective on its own and does not need your strength to clean well. Applying too much pressure on the magic eraser while using it to scrub surfaces will only wear it out faster.

5- Cut your magic eraser into small pieces if you’ll be using them to clean small areas in your home. You can cut one magic eraser into four pieces.

If you do this, you only have to get one of the pieces wet before use, the remaining pieces remain intact and won’t wear out due to constant wetting, drying, and storing. You can just pick another piece if the one you cut isn’t enough.

Do Magic Erasers Ever Expire?

Magic erasers will remain as they are and you can reuse them as many times as you want until they finish. They will not expire or become bad on their own when stored properly.

If your magic eraser begins to crumble and disintegrate where you kept it, it is most likely your fault and not because it expired. You either stored it wet or kept it in a damp environment.

Magic erasers you bought and kept at home without using will not expire, wear down, or disintegrate. They will remain as you bought them until you need them.

Final Thoughts!

Magic erasers are very effective cleaners and can be reused many times if used and stored properly. They crumble and fall apart as you use them, but that can’t be helped since they are made of foam.

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