How to Start Cleaning a Messy House (6 Steps) + Checklists

How to Start Cleaning a Messy House

Are you finding it very challenging to clean your messy house? Does it take too much of your time? Or, are you just looking for smarter ways t go about cleaning your messy place.

In this guide, I am talking about just that, the fastest way to clean your cluttered home, and I am even going to give you the Messy Area Cleaning Checklists as a bonus.

Let us dive right in!

How to Clean a Messy Home?

Cleaning a messy home can quickly turn into an easy day-to-day activity only if we find the right pattern or way to do it.

To clean up your messy home with ease, follow the steps outlined below:

1- Acknowledge the Mess Before You

Knowing fully well that your house is entirely messy is the first and foremost step to cleaning it, as acknowledging the problem makes the task much easier to handle and less frustrating.

You would have to arrange a convenient schedule to make sure you put more time into tidying, instead of cleaning up. Come to think of it, can you clean a kitchen sink if you have plates piled up into the sink? In the same way, can you vacuum or sweep a room with loads of clothes littered around?

It is all about knowing what you need to tackle first, then set your schedule to prevent further mess around that area.

2- Clear the Trash

After you have acknowledged that the home is full of mess, you will need to clear the trash lying around in your home. By going after the freely relaxing trash first, you will have less mess to deal with later.

Here’s what you have to do:

Pick up a trash bag or trash can and walk around the home, picking the slightest trash your eyes can see. Carrying a trash bag helps to get rid of unwanted items with much more ease than if you were without it.

Keep in mind that you would have to dispose of the trash can or bag afterward. Emptying your trash cans prevents them from smelling and also gives you a positive feeling in your home.

3- Pack the Laundry

After you are done with the trash, take a laundry basket, make your way into the rooms, pick up the dirty laundry, and get them into the laundry room.

TIP: If you have more time to spare, you can turn on the washing machine while you go about performing other chores.

4- Make your way to the kitchen

The kitchen is one place we should be quite mindful of when cleaning the mess up.

1- Once in the kitchen, it is advisable to start with the dishes, get them washed and dried then keep them away. Doing this gives you space for the task at hand as piled-up dirty dishes can be so distracting and annoying and at times hinder the task at hand.

2- With the dishes done, and spaces available, you can move ahead and clean the kitchen with disinfectant or any cleaning solutions suitable for your kitchen.

3- Wipe down the microwave or your stove.

4- Then, using a steam or microfiber mop, you should clean the kitchen floor.

5- Clean the Rooms

With your kitchen clean, you can now move mainly into rooms

1- Dust the rooms first using a feather duster. This helps to make the job less stressful and much more comfortable.

2- With the dust settled and the obstacles no longer in your way, the next step is to clean the entire home using a vacuum cleaner or sweep with a broom.

Be sure to empty the vacuum chamber after usage depending on the type of vacuum you use.

6- To the Bathroom

With the rooms done and the kitchen in order, make your way to the bathroom.

1- Clean the sinks with disinfectants and use glass cleaning solutions on the mirror.

2- Clean the shower and the bathtub with a spray (Half Vinegar and Half water) and let it stay for 10-15 minutes before wiping with a sponge or microfiber cloth. Then rinse thoroughly.

3- Try as much as possible to clean the toilet bowl with a good solution coupled with a good fragrance and let it bubble while you flush.

4- Finally, you can mop the floor with a mop that suits the bathroom.

Following the steps above will make your cleaning task, a cakewalk.

Apart from cleaning your messy home, it is essential that you know about cluttered houses.

Cleaning A Cluttered Home

For a home to be cluttered, it might mean that the home is filled with stuff that doesn’t add value to our lives. To remove these things is to declutter the home, and research has proven that decluttering reduces stress and, needless to mention, gives extra space which wasn’t there before.

Follow the steps below to clean a cluttered home:

1- Set A Plan

No matter the amount of clutter in your place, setting a plan is the easiest initial step to ensure that your home is in order.

In setting a plan, you will have to:

• Write out the places you would like to declutter,
• Assign specific grades to the places depending on how big the clutter is,
• Take a room at a time,
• Plan out time to ensure adequate consistency.

2- Develop an Arrangement system

As you proceed, you would have to develop an arrangement system that would enable you to save certain items and get rid of the others.

Adequate knowledge of the item you have to keep, get rid of, or place in storage would get your job done even before you start.

Below can be a good reference for accomplishing this:

Keep the items that are useful in your everyday life.
Get rid of the items that ate no longer in use,
• And keep in storage periodical or sentimental items.

Cleaning The Floor

Floors have proven to be relatively easy to clean with the correct knowledge, though. Most people think that they have the right wisdom to clean floors, but they always neglect using a second bucket which is usually for rinsing off detergent and solutions.

To properly clean a floor, you need:

• Broom or vacuum cleaner with a dustpan
• Mop
• Mop buckets (2)
• Rag

Mopping detergents and sponges too are quite essential.

To clean a floor:

1- Choose a mop and bucket that suits your floor to maintain its finish and texture.

2- Choose a cleaning solution or detergent that is specifically designed for your floor, so avoid using certain products that pose threat to your floor kind. Most manufacturers mention it on the product label.

3- Vacuum or sweep the floor first to prevent it from being sticky or muddy before using a mop on it.

4- Fill the buckets with water, preferably hot water, as it cleans quicker and better than cold or warm water.

5- Use the mop by dipping it in water and wringing it, and you should not make the mop very wet. It should be damp.

6- Mop the floor thoroughly and stop at specific intervals to spot stubborn stains.

7- Dry the mopped area and then continue to mop. You may want to let the fresh air in, by opening the windows.

8- Wash the mop and bucket and let them dry completely before storing them away.

Now, Let me give you some bonus checklists:

Housecleaning Checklist For A Messy Home

Checklists are quite a means to track your work and keep you ready for the next time. Checklists for a messy home take the approach below.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

• Clean up dishes and empty the sinks
• Run the dishwasher and empty it
• Sweep the floor and mop
• Empty trash can and recycle
• Wipe down kitchen counter tables and cooktops
• Clean kitchen towels
• Clean the refrigerator

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

• Clean the dirty mirror
• Clean the toilets
• Clean the shower stalls
• Wipe down sink and counter
• Change dirty towels
• Ensure toilet paper is there
• Clean and mop the floor

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

• Clean front area
• Remove clutter
• Create space to hang clothes or place shoes
• Clean the floor
• Clean and tidy seating chairs
• Empty trash cans


My Room Is So Messy I Don’t Know Where to Start?

Firstly, you might want to consider picking up all littered clothes around the room, arranging the furniture and other misplaced items. Then proceed to clear the trash, sweeping the floors and mopping if necessary.

Bumping into a messy home can be quite depressing sometimes. After having a long day at work or studies, it would be a great delight to be welcomed into a neat, comfortable, and relaxing environment.

In fact, that’s where you draw the energy from. So, you might want to swing into action right away and do the needful.

How Do I Declutter a Messy Room?

First, organize a specific area of the room. Pick out items that should be disposed of. When a part of the room is arranged, you can quickly clear off the other parts of the room.

Is a Messy Room a Sign of Mental Illness?

If you are the messy type naturally, it might not make much of a difference to you. But for neat and organized people, having a messy room might be a sign that some things are not going well in your life.

Now, only be concerned if it is becoming a regular occurrence.


There you have it, cleaning a messy home can be fun only when you put in the correct effort. Following the steps above would ensure that you are on the safer side. You could also engage your kids to help you.

Ensure you do a thorough cleaning to get maximum satisfaction and results from the cleaning process.


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