How to Clean Pergo Floors (Quick Guide)


I know you love your Pergo Flooring. That is why you have landed here to know how you can keep it spotless. I have curated the best ways so that your question of Cleaning your Pergo Floors is answered to your satisfaction.

Be it in your workspace or at your home, cleaning the floor isn’t rocket science. However, you need to follow a proper routine to prevent yourself from doing heavy-duty cleaning all the time, which can frankly be very exhausting.

There will be tons of material available on the internet on topics like ‘How do I make my Pergo floors shine?’ or ‘How to clean Pergo floors naturally?’ Please don’t get overwhelmed by all sorts of advice.

It is a simple process and here’s what you need to do.

Cleaning Pergo Floors Without Leaving Streaks

Pergo flooring, like any other type of floor (rigid vinyl, laminate, or hardwood) has been built with the sole purpose of keeping out dirt and dust, besides offering maximum protection from wear and tear for a long period of time.

Even so, they do need regular care and maintenance to keep shining for longer periods of time. All you need is some basic knowledge about the type of products to be used to clean the floor.

The best way to clean Pergo floors is to follow precautions like drying the floor without delay soon after it gets wet.

Not going overboard with the amount of water you use for mopping is a MUST. The solution which you use for cleaning must always have the right balance of water and vinegar/ammonia.

You need to be very careful about using a maintenance product that is completely non-aggressive which will help preserve the original look of your floor.

Basic Ingredients To Clean Your Floor

Before you start, there are a few items that you will need to gather for this operation. Although different people will recommend different types of substances as add-ons, the basic group of ingredients always remains the same.

1- Vinegar
2- Pergo floor cleaner
3- Ammonia
4- Water
5- Towels
6- Windex
7- Mops (both damp and dry)
8- Water bottle
9- …………

You might be wondering whether ‘Can I use a Swiffer on Pergo floors?’, the answer is yes. That is the 9th ingredient. It is one of the basic ingredients along with the above-mentioned ones that you need to wipe away even the tiniest speck of dirt from your flooring.

The Best Cleaning Method

Keep the following steps in mind:

STEP 1- Start with a Damp-mop that is soaked in a mixture of one-gallon water (in a lukewarm state) and one cup (around 250 ml) vinegar.

If you want you can replace vinegar with ammonia (the quantity of ammonia should be around one-third of a cup).

Note: If you want you can also replace the damp mop with a spray bottle and use it to spray the vinegar/water or ammonia/water solution everywhere.

STEP 2- Cover the entire floor with that damp mop and be careful not to use more than the recommended amount of vinegar/ammonia. After you have mopped the floor using a wet mop, get some towels or a dry mop (whichever is more convenient for you) to dry the floor.

STEP 3- After the first round of mopping and drying the floor is done, you can then begin with the Pergo Floor Cleaner solution. Make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle.

STEP 4- When your work with Pergo Floor Cleaner is done, start with the next step by using a Swiffer Wet Jet. Make sure that you are only using the wet jet with the regular Swiffer Cleaner and not the Hardwood floor Swiffer Cleaner.

Also, keep in mind that the wet jet must not be used to spray the liquid. All you need to do is to make the Swiffer cloth damp with the Swiffer Cleaner solution and wipe the floor with that piece of clothing.

After the wiping part is completed, use some dry towels or a dry mop accordingly.

STEP 5- The final step after using the water-based solution, Pergo floor cleaner, and Swiffer cleaner, is to apply Windex on your floor and then wipe it clean with a dry cloth or mop.

Stain Removal

Removing stains can be a big headache if not done properly.

One mistake that we often end up making, is to use a one-size-fits-all method for all kinds of stain, something that is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

Different types of stains require varied solutions. With the right set of ingredients, you can remove almost any kind of stain in your house.

What To Use To Clean Stains From Pergo Floors?


1- Lukewarm water
2- Pergo floor cleaner
3- Ammonia

4- Water
5- Nail polish remover or Acetone
6- Denatured Alcohol
7- Plastic scraper that is not sharp

If you have all these items, then the work of removing stains is half done. But you don’t have to use them all.

What to use for different kinds of stains?

• When it comes to stains on your floor from items like Juice, Wine, Grease, or even Chocolate; all you need to do is to use a mixture of lukewarm water and ammonia (in the desired amount).

Or if you want, you can directly opt for the Pergo Floor Cleaner and use it as recommended on the bottle.

• For stains that are a result of items like Crayon, Markers, Ink, Lipstick, Shoe or Nail Polish, Cigarette burns, or tar; you need to use any of these 3 ingredients – Acetone, Nail Polish Remover, or denatured alcohol.

• And finally, when the stain is caused as a result of items like Candle wax or Gum; simply let the wax or gum stiffen up and then slowly scrape it off using the plastic scraper. Make sure not to scratch your floor.


As was mentioned in the beginning, cleaning floors isn’t akin to rocket science. Although if you don’t use the right mix of substances in desired quantities, this exercise can get very frustrating or even exhausting.


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