How to Clean a Flask (3 Easy Ways!)

How to Clean a Flask

You just got a new flask that you want to clean in order to rid it of its metallic taste or have an old one that’s not been used for a while. In any case, to get the best taste from your flask and keep it in good condition, you have to properly clean it.

When you have the right knowledge about this, cleaning your flask becomes a piece of cake.

These steps on cleaning your flask will brighten your day.

How Do You Clean a Whiskey Flask? (Easy Steps)

If it is a new whiskey flask, follow this process:


Warm water
Cold water


1- Pour warm water into the flask and shake it for about 20 seconds.

2- Pour the water out and rinse it with cold water two to three times, or until the water appears clear and colorless.

3- Shake it in an upside-down position to get rid of any water residue and air dry it for a few hours. Your flask is now ready for use.

That was easy!

For old flasks, that usually smell, here’s the process:

How to Clean a Flask That Smells?

An old flask is different from a new one. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned, depending on the last time it was cleaned or used. There is a great chance it already smells badly. Well, don’t be quick to ditch it for a new one if that’s the case.

Here is how you can clean a flask that smells to make it as good as new. No sweat!

METHOD 1: Cleaning with Liquid Soap


Warm water
Liquid soap


1- Pour some warm water into the flask. Make sure it’s not full, so there’s room for the water to move when shaking it.

2- Add some liquid soap and shake very well for about 20 seconds. Avoid adding too much soap in order to make sure that there won’t be much soap residue left in the flask afterward.

3- After shaking thoroughly, pour the water out and rinse the flask first with warm water and then cold water until the water appears clear and colorless.

4- Air-dry it for a few hours and you are good to go.

If the smell persists after doing this, maybe because the flask was abandoned for a very long time with liquor in it, then do this:


Warm water
White vinegar


1- Get some vinegar. Make sure it’s white vinegar. Mix it well with warm water and pour the mixture into your flask.

2- Shake thoroughly for about 30 seconds and pour it out.

3- Rinse the flask with water until it is clean. Make sure you don’t stop until the water is clear, colorless, and most of the vinegar smell is gone.

4- Air-dry it for a few hours so that it can dry and the vinegar smell can completely disappear. Your flask will be good as new.

Simple! Isn’t it?

METHOD 2: Cleaning with Lemon Juice

Can’t get your hands on baking soda or vinegar? Use lemon juice! Yes, you heard me, lemon juice. It has been used for ages and it works so well.


Crushed ice
Lemon juice


1- Crush some ice, and mix it with lemon juice and salt.

2- Pour it into your flask and shake for about 20 seconds.

3- Pour the mixture out and rinse the flask well until the water appears clear and colorless.

4- Make sure the lemon juice smell and taste are all gone unless you want your whiskey tasting like juice. Rinse your flask thoroughly to avoid this and air dry it for a couple of hours. The mold and the bad smell will be completely gone.

Awesome! Right?

METHOD 3: Cleaning with a Brush and Soap

You can also wash your flasks with a brush. Make sure it’s a brush with soft bristles.


Warm water
Liquid soap


1- Pour some warm water and a little soap into your flask.

2- Shake the flask for 20 seconds.

3- Now use the brush to scrub the inside and wash thoroughly. This will make your flask get rid of the smell and mold inside it.

How to Clean Mold Out of a Flask? (5 Steps)

Sometimes, you want to get rid of more than just smell from an old flask. Leaving it out for a long time may have allowed mold to grow inside. You may get cramps, nausea, or even diarrhea if you drink moldy water. (1)

How then do you get rid of it? Cleaning mold out of a flask requires appropriate materials and adequate knowledge of how to use them.

Let’s take a look at how this can be done.

Ordinary water and soap won’t get mold out of your flask. You need something coarse in order for the flask to be thoroughly cleaned. Uncooked rice is a very good choice. You may want to add baking soda as well.


Warm water
Baking soda
Uncooked rice


1- Get some warm water and mix it with baking soda. Now pour the mixture into your flask.

2- Put some uncooked rice into the flask as well and shake very well for about 5 minutes. Shake it vertically and horizontally in order to get the desired result.

3- Pour the whole mixture out and repeat the process.

4- Then rinse with water thoroughly until the water is white and colorless. There won’t be mold left in your flask.

5- Air-dry it for a few hours and your flask will be free from any smell of the materials used.

What if you use a titanium flask? How is it cleaned?

Let’s have a look.

How to Clean a Titanium Flask?

Titanium flask is a good choice for a number of reasons. It’s strong, easy to carry, non-reactive, or toxic. You won’t be getting an unwanted taste in your liquor, that’s for sure.

Well, the good news is, the same process explained above also works for titanium flasks.

Warm water, liquid soap, and the other materials mentioned above work well in cleaning it. Titanium is corrosion-resistant, which means materials like vinegar, baking soda, etc. won’t make it lose its color or shine.


1- You should avoid materials like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, bleaches, and other harmful chemicals. They can be dangerous for your health when used.

2- If it’s a wood or leather-wrapped flask, ensure water doesn’t spill out on the outside of your flask when cleaning it. The water can destroy the glue used to attach the wood to the flask or even damage the leather.


Whether it is your whiskey flask or a water bottle that is new or old; whether it is harboring mold in it or is giving out an unpleasant smell, I have shown you many ways in which you can get that flask of yours to a clean condition.

Just apply the methods and see the results!


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