How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry (6 Methods) + More!

How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry

You love your stainless steel jewelry, but either it has tarnished or is changing color. Probably it is turning green or black. And not to forget those hair-thin scratches that keep bothering you.

Stainless steel jewelry is quite popular today because of its affordability, durability, availability, and attractiveness. Because of these qualities, it is used very often. It is a no-brainer that the more you use a thing, the more likely it is that that thing will get scratches and accumulate some kind of dirt. This dirt not only smudges your jewelry but also makes it lose its shimmer.

Therefore, learning how to clean your stainless jewelry is important if you want it to maintain that sparkling shine and show it off whenever you put it on. However, there are several ways to clean stainless-steel jewelry at home and i will show you the ones that work.

The methods are easy to follow so for now, all you need to do is adjust to your best reading position as I show you the different ways with which, you could clean and maintain your stainless-steel jewelry.

How to Clean Stainless-steel Jewelry?

METHOD 1: Using Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a gentle abrasive that cleans dental plaque. It simply levels out the scratches making them barely noticeable.

It also contains cleansing ingredients such as baking soda that are intended for cleaning the teeth.

So using toothpaste in cleaning stainless-steel jewelry is one of the most effective and simple ways of cleaning jewelry.


Soft cloth
Non-silica Toothpaste
Soft bristle brush
Warm water
Clean towel


1- Soak the edge of a soft cloth in warm water and squeeze to eliminate any excess.

2- Gently scrub the damp cloth against the surface of the jewelry and start adding the toothpaste in small quantities.

3- Scrub the toothpaste over the corners and intricate parts of the jewelry with the soft bristle brush.

4- Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with warm water.

5- Finally, use a clean dry towel to wipe off excess water.

Easy to do right?

Let’s see another method.

METHOD 2: Using Baking Soda

Baking soda, also known as Sodium bicarbonate is one of the few kitchen ingredients that can be used for different purposes. Baking soda is a powerful cleaning agent, it could be used together with water or vinegar.


Warm water
Baking soda
Soft bristle brush
Dry and Clean Towel


1- Make a baking soda paste by mixing the baking soda powder with water or vinegar in a ratio of three to one. The quantity of paste to be made depends on the amount of jewelry to be cleaned.

It is important to note that vinegar has a greater cleansing advantage over water when used to make baking soda paste, however, care should be taken when mixing because of the bubbling reaction that could occur.

2- Dip the soft bristle brush in the paste and scrub it gently on and over the nooks and crannies of the jewelry and allow the mixture to stay on the jewelry for two to three minutes. It should be scrubbed gently to avoid scratches.

3- Wash out the paste with warm water and ensure the jewelry is completely free from the soda paste.

4- Dry the stainless-steel jewelry with a clean towel or wrap it inside the towel to allow total absorption of water.

METHOD 3: Using Aluminium Foil for Electrification of Baking Soda

This is also known as baking soda ionization and this reaction can be obtained from the mixture of baking soda, salt, and soap. This method is safer compared to the acidic mixture of baking soda with vinegar.


Baking soda
Aluminum foil
Warm water
Soft bristle brush
Dry towel


1- Wrap the inside of a bowl with aluminum foil.

2- Add salt, baking soda, and soap in equal amounts depending on the quantity of jewelry being cleaned.

3- Add sufficient warm water that will be able to submerge the whole jewelry.

4- Immerse the jewelry into the mixture and leave for about 10-15 minutes.

5- Afterward, use your soft bristle brush to scrub the entire jewelry.

6- Rinse with clean water and dry.

Great! Isn’t it?

Here’s another interesting method.

METHOD 4: Using Soap & Warm Water

The use of soap and water is also one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to wash off dirt and grime that are hindering the sparkle of your stainless-steel jewelry.

Here’s what to do:


Warm water
Liquid soap / Detergent
Dry and clean Towel


1- Fill a bowl with water, sufficient for your jewelry to be completely immersed.

2- Add a generous amount of soap to the water and submerge your jewelry in the soapy water.

3- Leave for about 3-minutes.

4- Use a soft cloth or bristle brush to scrub out grime from the inside of your jewelry.

5- Rinse out the soapy water by dipping the jewelry in another bowl of clean water.

6- Now, again rinse thoroughly under running water and dry using a clean towel.

Can’t be simpler than that!

Let see another method.

METHOD 5: Using Ultrasonic Cleaners

An ultrasonic cleaner is an equipment that can be used to clean all types of jewelry including stainless-steel jewelry.

It runs by serious vibrations and its cleaning effects are usually perfect. These cleaners come in various sizes that are defined in liters. You should pick one as per your cleaning needs.


Ultrasonic cleanser
Warm water
Soft cloth
Cleaning solution
Dry and clean towel


1- Pour the cleaning solution into the ultrasonic cleaner.

2- Immerse the jewelry inside the cleanser and make sure the jewelry is completely covered by the liquid.

3- Start the vibration process and allow it to vibrate for 3-5 minutes.

4- Remove the jewelry from the cleanser and rinse with clean water.

5- Dry using a dry towel.

NOTE: Jewelry that has gemstones should not be cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner in order to prevent the dismantling of the stones and to avoid scratches and cracks which could be caused by the friction generated from the vibration.

METHOD 6: Using a Cleaning Solution

You can easily clean your stainless steel jewelry with a cleaning solution.

The process is fairly simple.


Soft cloth
Cleaning solution


1- Immerse your stainless steel jewelry in the cleaning solution for 2-3 minutes.
2-Take it out and blot dry with a soft cloth.

Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the label of the cleaning solution that you use.

How to Remove Tarnish from Stainless Steel Jewelry and Polish Jewelry at Home

Removal of tarnish could be done by any of the methods listed above as those methods may not only be used to clean jewelry but also to remove tarnish and make the jewelry sparkling and shining.

Also, to polish and preserve the glimmer of the jewelry in between cleanings, the use of jewelry polishing cloth can be employed and if you notice that your jewelry is scratched, it can be taken to professionals to restore its smoothness.

How to Clean Gold Plated Stainless-Steel

Gold plated stainless-steel can be cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth to remove sweat, oils, and other dirt from the surface of the jewelry.

It should not be washed with chlorinated water or other harsh chemicals to prevent smudges and unpleasant reactions.


Warm water
Soft cloth preferably a microfiber
Cloth-lined box


1- Dip the edge of a soft cloth into warm water.

2- Squeeze out excess water from the cloth.

3- Use the damp cloth to clean the surface of the gold-plated stainless-steel jewelry.

4- Allow to dry and store in a cloth-lined box.

Tips to Maintain Your Stainless-Steel Jewelry

1- Prevent your stainless-steel jewelry from coming in contact with harsh chemicals which could be in creams, perfumes, bleaches, chlorine, etc. that could spoil the surface.

2- Make sure to always use a soft bristle brush while cleaning to avoid scratches on the surface.

3- Do not use toothpaste that contains silica to wash your jewelry.

4- Prevent brass and silver polishes that could smudge the stainless steel for good.

Storage of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Proper cleaning will give you the immediate shimmer and brightness that you want but adequate maintenance and storage will keep it tidy and you might only have to wipe the surface with a dry cloth to bring the shimmer back without any stressful cleaning process.

There are various ways to keep/store your stainless steel jewelry, they include:

1- Fabric-lined box: A fabric-lined box will keep your stainless steel jewelry away from dirt and dust and the fabric will help prevent scratches that may occur as a result of friction between the jewelry and the surface of the non-fabric box. You can get your fabric-lined box in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

2- Cloth pouches: Cloth pouches are also a good storage material for stainless steel jewelry. Cloth pouches come in different colors and sizes with a drawstring at the edges that you can use to tie it up to prevent the entrance of dust and dirt.

Also, it is important not to put too much jewelry in a box or pouch to avoid scratches which could be a result of friction between the jewelry. Storing jewelry in plastic bags is also not advisable as it might cause damage to your jewelry.


You have read about the different ways by which your stainless-steel jewelry could be cleaned and maintained. Try out any of these methods and let me know which one of them worked for you.


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